Supercede Analytics to streamline outward reinsurance submissions


The platform, which Supercede believes heralds a step change in the way the global reinsurance  industry manages and processes increasingly complex submission data, will involve insurance  carriers’ global outwards reinsurance division preparing all the data relating to its largest reinsurance  placements through the Supercede Analytics solution. 

The carriers now have to largely manage this manually, a process which took several months due to  the scale of the business and task. It will now be handled with Supercede Analytics, and allow the  carriers to gain efficiencies by leveraging technology solutions that are long overdue in the industry. 

Markel®, a US based Fortune 500 holding company for insurance, reinsurance, and investment  operations around the world, participated in the pilot program with Supercede. “Supercede is going  to allow us to transform the way we prepare our reinsurance submissions, resulting in less time spent  on administrative tasks and reconciliation, and more time on analytics and collaborating with our  brokers on strategy,” said Jamie Morris, Senior Director, Reinsurance Placement. “The Analytics  platform will allow us to prepare our larger submissions in weeks and not months, while also laying  the foundation for a more digital placement process with our brokers and reinsurers.” 

Ben Rose, President and Co-founder of Supercede, said: “Markel has been a tremendous advocate for  Supercede. We’re delighted to welcome Markel as an Analytics customer.” 

The timing of this announcement couldn’t be better for the Supercede team, which was recently  selected to bring their Analytics solution to outwards buyers across the London Market, through the  Lloyd’s Lab. Chief Actuarial Officer, Dr. Paul Bassan, who designed the solution in response to his own  experiences of pricing large London Market treaties, added: 

“Reinsurance practitioners have been demanding standardised data for a long time, and now it’s  becoming a reality. With data this clean, brokers can get straight to deal structuring and execution.” 

By combining Supercede Analytics with the free-to-use reinsurance e-placement platform, Supercede  Placements, brokers can kickstart their deals with clean data, further streamlining the process.

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