Supercede selected for Hannover Re’s exclusive online innovation platform


Hannover Re is the third-largest reinsurance group in the world with over 5,000 contacts across the reinsurance industry. As such, it is perfectly positioned to host hr | equarium – a global marketplace that unites insurers with leading InsurTechs and other solution providers, and, vice versa, enables solution providers to reach out to the right clients in the industry, worldwide.  

Supercede, a Lloyd’s-approved platform that also brings people together is the perfect fit with hr |  equarium. As the world’s first end-to-end reinsurance placement platform, built for dealmakers,  Supercede enables cedents, brokers, and reinsurers to manage the complete reinsurance lifecycle and streamline the outdated placement process, on a free-to-trade basis. 

Ben Rose, co-founder and president of Supercede, said: “Firstly, we are delighted to be asked to join Hannover  Re’s exclusive online platform as a hr | equarium Verified Solution. It will enable us to widen our already extensive network and help more cedents and brokers overcome a major issue for the market.  

“Currently, reinsurance submission data is the main cause of delays and higher costs in the placement process. It can take months of data collection and preparation for the cedent, weeks of back and forth validating for the broker, and days of unzipping, copying, pasting, and re-analyzing for the reinsurer. Our premium product, Supercede Analytics, automates and reduces this process down to a matter of days.” 

As the largest independent global network of reinsurance professionals, Supercede represents over 90  reinsurance broking and underwriting firms, worldwide, and enables users to trade reinsurance deals without cost on one intuitive placement platform. 

Brokers gain from a better placement process; reinsurers gain access to more risks and data; and cedents can enhance their submission quality, with the premium product Supercede Analytics. The platform works across all non-life products and lines of business, with a seamless flow of actuarial grade data, which brokers and reinsurers no longer need to rekey.

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