Technological advancements have not only strengthened the workforce with their increased efficiency, but they have also dramatically improved safety and preventative measures, too. Since 1992, the U.S Bureau of Labor cites over a 17% decrease in fatal injuries in the workplace. Much of that is largely thanks to the introduction of advanced workplace equipment and software applications. Here are just a few fascinating ways modern gadgets are taking work safety precautions to newer and greater heights. 
Digital Locks
Many robberies and burglaries tend to be a crime of opportunity, as would-be criminals are generally looking for an easy target. However, many acts of theft can be kept at bay by the simple use of locks. Digital locks take these safety measures one step further. These types of locks go beyond keeping your workplace secure during closing hours. Most digital locks of today also provide instant mobile lock features from your phone or behind employee counters at the touch of a button.
Most people don’t consider the possibility of being a victim of robbery or burglary until it actually happens to them. Nonetheless, it is no less important to prepare for these unfortunate circumstances to help avoid them altogether. The use of digital locks can help keep your workers and business safe from intrusion at the touch of a button. No doubt, these technological solutions have filled a glaring need for injury and hazard prevention.
Digital Training
OSHA certification has modernized and revolutionized workplace training practices to help you recognize workplace safety and accident prevention. These necessary certifications equip each worker with the knowledge of spotting and preventing occupational hazards before it’s too late. Whether it’s an objective hazard or suspicious activity, proper training supplies each worker with the ability to be more alert to potential threats and respond accordingly. 
Furthermore, such introductory work training tools put workers on the same page. When employees are on the same page with one another, they also look out for each other. This, in turn, undeniably leads to a significant increase in workplace safety. Conversely, when just one individual is not on the same page as others and fails to see eye-to-eye with them, it can lead to carelessness and opens the door for an accident or injury.
Digital Safety Locks and Sensors
In the case of jobs that require forklifts, compactors, and other heavy machinery, human sensor technology is now revolutionizing the way potentially serious accidents are prevented. Human sensors initiate automatic braking, emergency shutdowns, and process disruption upon detecting a human employee within an unsafe vicinity. Some user controls even allow administrators to customize specific distance sensors per company safety standards.
Digital Visuals
Wearable devices and technology, especially as it pertains to manual labor work, are rapidly becoming an ever-increasing necessity for improved worker safety. Over recent years, digital glasses have been tested, tried, and proven to dramatically improve workplace safety by a considerable margin. These successful trials have already led to optical technology becoming a safety staple and standard in the workforce.
Ocular devices have also reshaped workplace safety procedures with a breakthrough infusion of AR and VR technology. Outlined task details and circumstantial awareness maps and warnings are among the universal safety measures provided by wearable technology. With these advanced detectors infused with total surroundings awareness, the user is equipped with a better understanding of their environment. And with better environmental awareness comes fewer work-related injuries.
Digital Screening
There are numerous databases and records available electronically in direct association with documented laborers. Criminal records, employment history, and educational background are just some of the data readily accessible to employers, allowing them to know everything they need to know about a potential hire. With how thorough digital tracing has become in employment screening, thorough pre-employment background checks have ensured a safer workplace environment.
The Future of Workplace Safety and Efficiency
The recent application of modern tech in the workplace has forever changed how companies implement and maintain safety standards. With injury-proof machinery and software to complement proper workplace training procedures, employees have never felt more comfortable in their work environments today. With many tech instruments still in their infancy, workplace safety measures will continue to increase in sync with technological advancements. 

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