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The financial services industry is experiencing a huge paradigm shift. The combination of new technologies and new consumers redefines how financial institutions design products and deliver services. How to stay competitive in this rapidly changing environment becomes a challenging and complex task. Traditional tools and strategies will be replaced by ways and methods those better meet customer needs. Traditional companies, such as banks and similar financial institutions, are facing new competitors. These competitors have a better understanding of consumer expectations and the ability to leverage new technologies to meet emerging needs. In short, they can provide more efficient financial services through technology. For example, emerging fintech companies are disrupting traditional markets with digital tokens such as mobile technology, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, smartphones, virtual transactions and cryptocurrencies.

Bearing all this in mind, the 6th Jiangsu Provincial Entrepreneurs Forum Organized and Sponsored by School of Management, Nanjing University, People’s Republic of China, Co- Sponsored by Woosong University, South Korea, and Fintechnews.org in collaboration with FORINVEST, Europe, Co-Hosted by The Simou Club, The Jiangsu Professional Manager’s Association, Better Group, China, Supported by Jiangsu Communications Holdings Co., Ltd., Nanjing Yangzi State-owned Investment Group, Bank of Jiangsu, Supported by Media Xinhua Baoye Group, Jiangsu TV Station,  Yangtse Evening News, Sina Jiangsu, and Zijinshan News Finance Channel, will focus on all these technologies that here to stay.

Fintech companies are the biggest disruptors of financial institutions in our time, and they are growing rapidly around the world. According to a recent survey, 57% of respondents ranked fintech companies as the primary source of disruption to the financial industry, surpassing growing global regulatory complexity which accounts for 51%. Numerous technical solutions – existing or under development – are helping to quickly reshape the entire financial services value chain. While these innovations blur industry boundaries and promote disintermediation, they also revolutionize the way companies create products and provide services. These technological innovations provide new ways and opportunities for entrepreneurship.

The Jiangsu Provincial Entrepreneurs Forum has been successfully held for 5 consecutive years since 2014. In the past five years, the Entrepreneurs Forum focused on the hot and difficult issues such as the macroeconomic situation, industry situation and enterprise development, and built an ecological circle of common development between enterprises and academia. With high-quality topics, high-quality guests and high-standard forum standards, it has become a top-level event for entrepreneurs in Jiangsu Province, creating a precedent for high-end forums in Jiangsu. It has been highly valued and recognized by the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and the relevant departments. The 6th Jiangsu Provincial Entrepreneurs Forum will be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province on October 12, 2019. This forum will focus on “Future trends of management, technology and sustainable development”, and governments, enterprises, institutions, universities, media, and associations will participate. This investment forum is unique for two reasons: First, experts from academia and business will gather together. The first half of the conference will focus on understanding key issues, trends and challenges in the investment from an industry perspective, while the second half will focus on points and findings in academic research. Secondly, this meeting will provide various opportunities for communication. Scholars can discuss their ideas and research data-related challenges with industry experts. The interaction between industry experts and academic researchers will provide a rare opportunity for cutting-edge research in financial technology.


Venue: Jiangsu Nanjing Center Hotel (No. 75 Zhongshan Road, Gulou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China)


9:00-9:40: Opening Ceremony, Speech by Leading Guests: Representatives of Nanjing University of China, Woosong University of South Korea, European European Fintech,  Nanjing Yangzi State-owned Investment Group

9:40-10:10: Dr. Shuming Zhao, Nanjing University Senior Professor and Honorary Dean, School of Business, Nanjing University, China,  and Chair of Jiangsu Entrepreneurs Forum, “Challenges and Management of Global Talent”

10:10-10:40: MS. Montse Guardia Guell, General Manager at Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem, Spain “Designing the Architecture of a Blockchain Platform: the Case of Alastria, a National Public Permissioned Blockchain”

10:40-11:00: Coffee Break

11:00-11:30: MR. Jung Hae-Jung, Chairman of M.K International Inc., South Korea, “The Future Trend of Blockchain and Fintech to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and High-Quality Economic Development”

11:30-12:00: MR. Edwin M. Colella, Vice President Marketing at OCTO Telematics, Italy “Big Data and Shared Mobility”

12:00-13:30: Lunch

13:30-14:00: Mr. Duk Won Kim, Managing Director Alonso Forwarding Korea, Co., South Korea & Mr. Alfredo Fernández, Managing Director Operasia, South Korea, “Big Data in Logistics: A Perspective from Alonso Group

14:00-14:30: Mr. Pietro Mondini,Product Manager at Kellify, Italy.

How AI makes liquid assets of all kinds, from a Michael Jordan’s jersey to an Audemars Piguet or Contemporary Art”

14:30-15:00: Professor Angelo DeNisi, Former Dean and Professor, Tulane University, USA, “Managing Performance in the 21st Century Corporations: Issues and Challenges”.

15:00-15:20   Coffee Break

15:20-16:20: Panel Discussion. Dialogues Guests: Professor Hong Liu, Prof. Salvatore Moccia, Prof. Chia-Hsing Huang, and Ms. Huijuan Fan.

16:20-16:30: Closing Ceremony

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