The fintechs helping people keep 2020 money resolutions on track


– 42% of people say they need to get their finances back on track after Christmas

– 51% (more than 26.7 million people) made a New Year’s resolution to save more in 2020

– Research from the Open Up 2020 Challenge finds one in four (27%) feel uncomfortable about their level of debt and nearly half (47%) would use apps to manage their money

– There is a range of innovative apps available which allow people to take control of their financial data and make more of their money

New research conducted by the Open Up 2020 Challenge reveals half (51%) of people are making a New Year’s resolution to save more, while more than four in ten (44%) want to spend less. With a quarter (26%) having overspent on Christmas in 2019, 42% say they now need to get their finances back on track.

This comes as three in ten (29%) admit they don’t have a ‘rainy day’ fund set aside for emergencies and a similar proportion (27%) feel uncomfortable about their current level of debt. Over half (57%) want to feel more in control of their finances – increasing
to two-thirds (65%) of those aged under 55.

Open banking offers people the chance to get personalised, tailored support to help them manage their money by allowing regulated companies to securely analyse their bank data. There is a range of products and services available that use open banking to help people better budget, manage debt, and automate savings.

Six open banking apps to help people get their finances back on track in the new year are:

1. Creditspring – an affordable credit subscription service offering short-term, interest-free loans to help those with limited savings or persistent debt cope with unexpected expenses.

2. Moneybox – an innovative app which helps customers save and invest for their future by setting money aside in a range of savings products through round ups or regular deposits.

3. Moneyhub – a financial management platform, pulling together multiple accounts, offering people actionable insights to improve their financial wellness.

4. Plum – an artificial intelligence assistant that boosts someone’s bank balance through automated savings, easy bill switching and investments.

5. Tully – a digital debt adviser for those struggling financially – providing online budgeting, debt advice, flexible repayments and money coaching to alleviate financial stress.

6. Updraft – a solution which automates day-to-day decisions involved in managing money, designed to help millennial users clear their overdraft, pay off credit cards and save more.

All of these solutions are finalists in the Open Up 2020 Challenge, run by Nesta Challenges in partnership with the Open Banking Implementation Entity. There are 15 finalists in total which have already received £50,000 in funding in addition to non-financial support to help them further develop their product. Between three and four finalists will go on to be named winners in July 2020, receiving a further £150,000 -200,000 each so they can help even more people to manage their

Chris Gorst, Director, Nesta Challenges, said: “A new year often motivates people to make a positive change in their life – whether that’s eating healthier, exercising more, or improving their finances. Luckily for the 26.7 million committing to save
more in 2020, there are a range of open banking-enabled apps and tools available to help them take charge of their finances.

By providing these apps with secure access to your bank data through open banking, you can get personalised guidance to help you make more of your money and help you reach your goals. Through Open Up 2020, Nesta Challenges is excited to be supporting innovators with impactful ideas that have the potential to truly revolutionise
how people manage their money.”

The research also found that nearly half (47%) of people like the idea of using apps and tools to manage their money and 31% of 18-34 year olds plan to sign up to an open banking app this year.

Imran Gulamhuseinwala OBE, Trustee of the Open Banking Implementation Entity, commented:
“Since open banking regulation came into effect, we’ve seen a host of innovative products launch to help people improve their finances – whether that’s through better budgeting, automating savings, comparing products, or finding ways to clear debt. We are
working with Nesta Challenges on the Open Up 2020 Challenge to encourage even more of these ideas and to help millions more people across the UK improve their relationship with money. While some people are already using these products, in 2020 we want to see
even more people take control of their data and, ultimately, their finances.”

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