first NFT collection of an authentic T-Rex fossil


By FintechNews staff

-MetaRex will unveil the world’s first NFT collection of an authentic T-Rex fossil, in a sale that’s due to take place mid-December. 59,000 NFTs will be available for purchase, 1000 copies of the full fossil and 58,000 dividing the ownership of its 58 bones (Another fun fact: This specific T-Rex fossil has more than 45% completion of the original bones, surpassing many museums’ 20% standard).
-Once the softcap has been reached, using smart contracts, Metarex will automatically purchase the physical T.rex and place it under the care of a museum, making the fossils available to paleontologists for research purposes.
Fossils are increasingly falling into private ownership of the wealthy, preventing paleontologists from studying them, since private fossil research is invalid and cannot be published in academic journals. Considering how rare fossils are, the shift to private fossil collections is worrying for paleontologists whose job is to preserve and research these artifacts.
-Metarex leverages blockchain and NFT technology to help academics regain access to historical artifacts, all whilst granting crypto enthusiasts a chance to own a stake in a piece of history.
-The NFT sale is expected to start on December 7th on the Metarex platform which facilitates purchases using MetaMask or any other Ethereum-based wallet after passing a KYC.
-“What we are creating here is the coolest thing to happen to the NFT world as we are taking an actual Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton and sticking it onto the blockchain,” says CEO, and Co-Founder Jeff Jaffrey.  “What child did not dream of owning his own dinosaur? More importantly, this project will create previously inaccessible funding from the crypto world for the academic sector. As you can see, this is not just an NFT, this is history! We welcome everyone to join the NFT revolution!”

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