The merge of AI and Crypto: these promising Altcoins aim for 100x growth in 2023


The crypto market has evolved from a traditional investment option with the merger of artificial intelligence (AI) and crypto investment. AI cryptos are the most promising altcoins because of their unique offerings and astonishing benefits for investors. The AI market is booming, and AI cryptos are the best cryptos to buy for long-term returns on investment.
InQubeta (QUBE), Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), and Numeraire (NMR) are the top altcoins in the AI market. Following InQubeta’s presale growth of over $345,000 in the beta stage, the token poses a strong contender for massive gains in the next bull season. Analysts predict that Ocean Protocol, Numeraire, and InQubeta will grow by 100x before the end of 2023.
This article will explain how these AI cryptos are the best altcoins to invest in for huge gains.

InQubeta (QUBE) is a leading AI crypto investment option.

InQubeta is experiencing unprecedented growth because of the large potential of the AI market. InQubeta has significantly soared in the first few days of the presale rally. The emerging altcoin has raised over $345,000 and is projected to raise over 100% before the end of its presale rally.
AI projects have shot up in price and revenue in the last few months. This is why crypto investors looking for the best cryptos to buy are shifting their focus to the AI market. InQubeta is a leading project that enables AI initiatives to raise funds. The project understands how hard it is for AI projects to raise funds in a crowded market, and it leverages the vast decentralization of the crypto market.
Each investment on the InQubeta marketplace is shaped into equity-based NFTs, representing partial ownership or reward in a startup. Investors may keep track of their investments, track the progress of the businesses in which they have invested, and profit from the success of these initiatives using the QUBE token. This investment process is transparent, and all investments will be securely stored on the blockchain.
QUBE is a deflationary DeFi coin with promises for an exponential increase. The coin trades at $0.007 and is bound to skyrocket by the end of 2023. The DeFi coin has a 2% purchase and sale tax, which goes into a burn wallet, steadily enhancing the token’s value over time. A 5% sell tax is also applied to a dedicated reward pool, allowing investors to receive incentives by staking their tokens. Investors may smoothly participate in fractional investments, diversify their portfolios, and assist the growth of AI startups by purchasing NFTs with the QUBE token.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) helps data holders control their data.

Ocean Protocol is a fantastic AI token that stands out among others. The Ethereum-based protocol allows businesses and individuals to produce, exchange, trade, and monetize data. The Ocean Protocol ensures that data owners maintain control over their data by allowing them to choose who can access it and under what conditions.
The price of OCEAN has surged by 13% in the last seven days, which shows that the token has an exceptional yield. According to analysts, the trade price of OCEAN is expected to soar by over 500% before the end of 2023.

Numeraire (NMR) is a hedge fund for smooth equity trading.

Numeraire is an Ethereum-based platform that allows developers and data scientists to experiment with and create more reliable machine-learning algorithms for stock market investments. Numeraire has grown in popularity over the last few months.
NMR is the native token of the platform. The token holders can stake their tokens on their predictions, meaning they earn newly minted tokens if correct, and their staked NMR tokens are burned if incorrect.

Final words

InQubeta’s excellent presale run makes the altcoin one of the best altcoins to invest in for long-term gains. As the platform’s popularity grows in 2023, more innovations will be released. InQubeta intends to go multichain in Q1 2024, which means it will spread its investment ecosystem over numerous blockchain platforms. This will enhance the accessibility and popularity of the token. Early investors stand a chance to reap huge benefits from this promising altcoin.




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