Trends 2022


As always, a lot is going on in the world of cryptocurrency. As we have entered 2022, some different trends have emerged that will probably be prominent in 2022. More countries are legalizing cryptocurrency, it is becoming more and more common, and an increasing number of companies are accepting crypto as a form of payment.
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Focus on the environment impact of cryptocurrency
It is no secret that recent years have meant an increased amount of attention to the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain are powered by massive computers that take up a lot of both energy and fuel. This has become a major issue in the public debate, and everything indicates that 2022 will be the year where investors and the major cryptocurrency exchanges will have to address these problems and lower their environmental impact.
Regulations on the way
In 2021 it was clear that the unregulated world of cryptocurrency was about to change slowly. There was more focus on the lack of consumer protection and the craziness of the market in many ways. In the future, starting this year, we can expect more focus on developing a regulatory framework to protect consumers. In addition to this, different types of measures will be taken in the attempt to build a bridge between the world of crypto and the traditional, regulated financial systems.
More countries will accept crypto as a legal tender
We all remember when El Salvador chose to embrace bitcoin as a legal tender. There were many different opinions on whether this was a good idea or not, but nonetheless everything points to more countries follow suit. Especially developing countries seem to view cryptocurrency to boost their development on several different parameters. It’s going to be an interesting development to follow in the coming years.
These are just a few of the crypto trends to follow the development of in 2022. The world of crypto is ever changing and many times unpredictable. Truly we might not even know what the most prominent crypto trends of 2022 will be or what will happen tomorrow in the world of crypto.

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