The partnership between Nexi and Izicap is strengthening: benefits for italian local merchants


Nexi, the leading PayTech in Europe, announces the strengthening of  its partnership with Izicap, a Fintech specialized in innovative CRM & Loyalty solutions dedicated  to Local Businesses, aiming to provide Italian SMEs with innovative digital marketing tools to  increase their business.  

Specifically, Izicap’s app will be installed by default on Nexi’s SmartPOS supplied to restaurants,  bars, retail, food, clothing, and personal care stores, including hairdressers and beauticians: this  audience represents 60% of Nexi’s SmartPOS in Italy.  

The solution will allow Merchants to launch Loyalty Programs directly from the payment terminal,  easily & intuitively: they will have access to functionalities for better business management &  access to useful information for loyalty activities, directly from the transactions carried out. Izicap  allows Merchants to create marketing campaigns with constant monitoring of results to optimize  sales, and with the possibility to manage promotions & coupons for their customers. 

“In this restart phase, Merchants need both to acquire new customers and to concretely build  loyalty for existing ones. Together with Izicap we aim to offer Merchants, who need to restart after  the pandemic, an easy-to-use all-in-one solution to make the most of customer data and to carry  out targeted marketing campaigns says Giulio Vasconi, Head of Merchant Services Marketing of  Nexi Digital tools are a powerful ally for businesses that need a boost to restart; we are convinced  that digital payments and transaction data can be an important lever to support Merchants  developing their activities”.  

Being able to know the customer’s transaction data and leverage on it to build marketing  campaigns immediately & easily represents a unique opportunity for small Merchants to  accelerate the restart and growth of their business.  

“We founded Izicap with the purpose of empowering Local Businesses with all the benefits of CRM  & Loyalty programs – but without all the complications”, explains Miguel Mateus, Cofounder of  Izicap. We are giving SMEs the unique opportunity to turn payment data into powerful &  actionable business insights to grow their revenues. Izicap turns the merchant’s POS terminal into a  powerful marketing tool; no changes needed within the Merchant’s environment, no extra app for  the cardholder either, as it is the payment card that identifies the cardholders every time they shop  at their trusted merchants. During the Covid unprecedented Stop & Go times, the solution has  proven to be more relevant than ever: Merchants that remained open and were already using the  Izicap payment-based marketing solution performed 22 percentual points better in revenues than  their unequipped counterparts.”  

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