The Swiss Crypto Stamp: collecting, exchanging and trading stamps will go digital


By FintechNews staff

Stamps have been collected for decades. Neatly filed in albums,  they are the epitome of cultivated collecting. Together with Swiss Post, Inacta is now building a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. The Swiss Crypto Stamp means collecting, exchanging and trading stamps will go digital on 25 November 2021. 

-175,000 stamps will be created, with each physical example comes with a digital version that can be collected or traded.

The Swiss Crypto Stamp consists of two parts. On the one hand, it is a physical stamp worth CHF 8.90 – self-adhesive, for franking postal items just like any other stamp. On the other hand, each crypto stamp  has an associated digital image. This digital image shows the image of the physical stamp but is  extended by one of 13 possible additional visuals

The digital images are stored as so-called NFTs (non-fungible  tokens) on a blockchain. They show monumental Swiss mountains, partly combined with animal  landmarks shining as constellations.

The digital image of the Swiss Crypto Stamp, the NFT, is deposited on the Polygon Blockchain1. Inacta  has provided all the necessary technical solutions for this bridge into the digital world. 

-The stamps will be sold in a “blind box” format, meaning that buyers will not know which variation they are buying until it is delivered. “Buyers only discover what the digital twin of their physical stamp looks like when they go online.” Each stamp comes with a QR code that allows owners access to the digital versions.

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