The world's most crypto-friendly cities in 2022


By FintechNews staff

Cryptocurrency adoption has grown increased six-fold in the past couple of years since its inception. But digital currencies are not equally welcomed everywhere. Governments of different countries react to digital currencies differently as they cannot surely be regulated and controlled. Several countries are banning bitcoin and crypto transactions altogether. But some countries have gone beyond these restrictions only to have some of the most crypto-friendly cities in the world.
Miami: Since late last year, Miami has been attracting techies away from Silicon Valley and New York for a variety of reasons — thanks to Florida’s lack of state taxes and relatively lax coronavirus precautions, along with the city’s multicultural work force and proximity to Latin America. Now the city has developed its own form of digital currency. MiamiCoin will be used to help generate money to fund projects across the city.
Miami also hosted Bitcoin 2021, the world’s largest cryptocurrency conference over the summer in Wynwood.
Ljubljana, Europe: Even though it is the smallest city on this list, Ljubljana holds a valuable position.The heart of the city is home to at least eleven bitcoin ATMs, and finding accommodations, pubs, and restaurants accepting crypto is quite easy here. The city’s crowning achievement is to be a BTC city.
San Francisco: When it comes to crypto adoption, California tops the list. It is a hub for many companies, organizations, and startups. San Francisco is not only a cryptocurrency hotspot but is known for being a tech hub. It is home to cryptocurrency trading platforms like Coinbase and Kraken. The inclusion of digital assets in investment portfolios in the bay area is staggering as it has the highest concentration of crypto wealth in all of the US and the third-highest number of crypto investors.
Arnhem, Netherlands: Arnhem is also known for being a self-proclaimed bitcoin city and has thousands of merchants who accept bitcoin. Some of these establishments also provide discounts for those customers who are paying in cryptos. The payments can be made with the help of BitKassa-the third-largest bitcoin payment processor in the Netherlands.
Singapore: Crypto companies are coming to Singapore to take advantage of its crypto-friendly regulations and growth potential. There are currently 397 blockchain start-ups that are registered here, and the number is steadily increasing. Moreover, here, businesses and individuals who have been holding cryptos for long-term investment purposes are not taxed as there is no capital gains tax in Singapore. Several food courts, restaurants, and cafes here accept crypto payments.

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