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HONG KONG [Jan.18th 2022] – Episode Six and HSBC are celebrating the third anniversary of a technology partnership that has played a role in helping PayMe from HSBC become Hong Kong’s leading e-wallet provider and proven how Episode Six’s platform, Tritium, can help banks quickly scale up products aimed at large customer bases and easily extend those products into new areas.

Since the partnership between PayMe and Episode Six started in 2018, PayMe’s user base has grown to over 2.5 million, while the app has gained the largest share of all e-wallet peer-to-peer fund transfers in Hong Kong and consistently expanded its merchant network across sectors in the city. Tritium is the industry’s most flexible and extensible technology of its kind with over 600 APIs and ready-to-launch product suites.

“The three-year milestone of our collaboration with Episode Six illustrates our dedication to nurture a strong ecosystem with the wider fintech community.” said Catherine Zhou, Global Head of Ventures, Digital Innovation and Partnerships at HSBC. “Partnerships like this are key to drive innovation within financial services and shape how the future of banking will look. With PayMe, we have re-imagined digital payments, enabling our customers and merchants to transact seamlessly within an engaging digital platform. Episode Six enables banks, fintechs and the broader business community to design effective digital journeys with efficiency.”

“We’re proud to be working with HSBC and growing our partnership while advancing financial technology,” said John Mitchell, co-founder and CEO of Episode Six. “Our platform is enabling traditional and digital first banks around the world to bring on-demand digital payment offerings to their customers, responding to the shifting needs of consumers and businesses globally. Our vision is for our extensible and adaptable platform architecture to empower all of our clients with unparalleled user-driven configurability to enable any payment transaction across any imaginable asset class, any time and in any way.”

#1 social payments app

PayMe from HSBC has quickly become Hong Kong’s most popular social payment app and a preferred channel for transferring money and connecting with friends and family since its launch in 2018. The roll-out of PayMe for Business, PayMe’s business solution, followed in early 2019, offering businesses in the city a new way to conveniently collect digital payments from consumers and manage cash flow.

Episode Six gives banks, fintechs and brands the freedom to design and bring winning payment propositions to market with unmatched speed across any asset class. The firm’s clients include global, regional, and domestic banks, neobanks, fintechs and insurtechs around the world. These organizations are drawn to Episode Six’s proven and high-performance technology, which can handle multiple thousands of transactions per second.

Tritium provides debit and credit wallet management, a native multi-asset ledger, payment processing and closed loop payment between merchants and consumers in one tech stack. By allowing HSBC to configure and reconfigure innovative payment offerings in real-time, the platform has supported PayMe’s efforts to respond quickly to changing consumer needs and merchant demand and become the leading digital payments app in Hong Kong.

Alongside institutions including Mastercard, SBI Investment Co., Ltd., and Anthos Capital, HSBC is also an investor in Episode Six, which has raised US$40m of capital since its foundation in Hong Kong in 2015.

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