Having bitcoins is one thing, and storing, sending and receiving bitcoin is another thing.  The ease at which bitcoins is transacted among various parties relies on availability of IOS wallets. With evolving technology, the urge to enhance security and engage in a secure bitcoin transaction has led to innovation of new and better IOS wallets in form of apps. The IOS wallets are apps designed to allow blockchain users to store, send and receive bitcoin from user’s operating system at the comfort of their fingertips.

IOS wallets are hot wallets (wallets with internet connections) that raise a major concern due to security issues. With increased cyber security issues, hot wallets are prone to network attacks a critical issue faced my IOS wallet users. Loss of the advice connected to IOS wallet is another potential threat to reliability of using the wallets. Skilled individuals can easily access your entire bitcoin wealth from a lost device in cases your personal pin is also in the device.

Despite challenges related to security, Blockchain IOS wallet technology has improved and revolutionized the way of transacting and storing bitcoins.  Security being a major concern, many developers have innovated new IOS wallets driven towards improving safety of IOS wallets and offering better services due to competition.

With innovation in IOS wallets, this article focuses on seven wallets available to blockchain users to give an overview of different IOS wallets.


The IOS wallet offer user option for using both hot wallets and cold wallets (secure due to their offline nature). The wallet is available in different platforms providing simple and secure wallet. Bither contains HDM that offers users advantages relating to multisig’s security and HD pros. Factors important to consider before using the wallet includes:

  • Control of your amount: Bither allows user to have full control over their amount. Thus, no third parties have control over your wealth as a form enhancing security and reliability of IOS wallet.
  • Simple Validation: Little trust is required when verifying payment when engaging in a transaction due to use of SPV and Bitcoin network.
  • Secure environment: IOS wallet is available to mobile phones with isolated apps. The security feature protects attacks from malware viruses.
  • Static fee: Fee charged depends on market conditions, which creates uncertainty on fees charged during a transaction. These will results to either a heavy fee transaction or a delayed transaction.

BITPAY wallet

The IOS wallet originally developed to enhance security for Bitpay funds included a HD-multi signature wallet. The wallet allows for full payment mode, tesnet, personal and shared wallet. Important factors to consider include:

  • Control of your amount: the wallet gives users full control in their amount and third parties have no control on user’s wallet whatsoever.
  • Simple validation: With the wallet relying on a default-centralized service, it allows a third party to have power on hiding or simulating payment.  It is important to caution these factors while deciding which wallet to use.
  • Secure environment: The IOS wallet provides protection from malware attacks by loading wallets on mobiles with isolated apps.
  • Dynamic fee: The wallet transaction charge depends on market conditions. However, the wallet overrides the situation by providing users with suggestions on best fee to pay to avoid expensive charges.

BRD wallet

BRD wallet is one the most secure and easy wallet to use among IOS wallets. With a direct connection to bitcoin network and use of user’s built-in hardware encryption, the IOS wallet provides a secure wallet and convenient to most bitcoin users. Factors that makes BRD wallet as most reliable IOS wallet includes:

  • Control of your amount: with user’s total control of the account, third parties do not have a platform to freeze user’s amount or access the account whatsoever. The app guarantees maximum security in user’s funds.
  • Simple Validation: Although the wallet lacks total validation as Bitcoin core, the IOS wallet has simple validation requirement with little trust from third parties.
  • Secure environment: BRD wallet provides protection to users of the IOS wallet from malware attacks and cyber-attacks. With a secure environment, users can easily engage in bitcoin transactions.
  • Control over fees: This is one of the best qualities of using BRD wallet compared to other IOS wallets. The app allows users to uses CPFP or RBF to change fess after initiation of a transaction. In additional to that, the IOS wallet provides suggestion on best fee to use based on current market conditions.

There is more than three Blockchain IOS wallet and the choice of one wallet over another depends on the app meeting users’ needs in term of simplicity and security when using the wallet.

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