Even after getting the best crypto portfolio tracker, you need some expert strategies to stay ahead of the game. This is because, despite the portfolio tracker, a defined set of strategies will determine how the portfolio will shape out.

You have a wide range of assets to choose from to make up your portfolio in the crypto market. Even with a tracker, there are various steps that you will need to undertake to make sure these assets increase in value. Most decisions that you will make will be determined by the performance of your portfolio. Below are several strategies that you can adopt to gain higher income:


Holding crypto is regarded as one of the best methods of growing a portfolio. At a point or another, successful traders have adopted this method and have reaped bountiful rewards. A typical example wasBitcoin’s price movements last year. Even though the asset saw a massive decline to trade at around $3,500, it ended the year trading at about $29,000. To achieve enormous portfolio growth with this strategy, traders should not concern themselves with the short-term market trend.


Even though this strategy is tricky, it has worked overtime for some traders who do not buy and hold. This strategy will only work for traders that keep up with specific tokens. They buy up the assets as soon as it drops in price and sell them as soon as they recoup profits, no matter how small they are.

You need to be very careful with this strategy because even if you buy when the asset goes low, there is still a chance that it might go lower. In this case, you will have to wait for the asset to make another bullish run, which might take a long time. Only traders that can read the short-term trends of assets would be able to use this strategy effectively.

Diversifying Assets

Diversifying assets means that traders will buy a long list of assets with potential as part of the assets in their portfolio. It is usually mixed with the hold strategy because the trader needs to hold them long before he recoups his profits. Holding different assets has been a proven strategy that works over holding one kind of asset. One excellent aspect is that even if one asset is doing very badly in the market, the others will be performing very well.

3 Tips to Keep in Mind

Besides strategies, you also should remember the key aspects that will prevent you from losses:

1.      Research

Researching carefully and thoroughly is one essential aspect that traders must adhere strictly to before making a move in the financial market. Buying assets is not just the first step, as they need to know the background of the asset. If an asset is in its resting phase and would not make significant moves, for the time being, a trader might purchase it without research. Research lets you understand the foundation of an asset, its previous price moves, and its present potential in the financial market.

2.      Join A Community

Even though this is relatively important, it is much needed to survive as a trader in the financial market. Whether you are a newbie or an expert trader, you might need the help of a community. Since no man is an island, you willhave more knowledge to gain from joining a community than you are giving out. Though you don’t need to take all the advice, you can conduct your research using the good ones that can help you increase your portfolio.

3.      Avoid Impulsive Buys

Most traders make the mistake of buying impulsively, which often leads to them losing their money. Traders should be careful against impulsive buys in the financial market. A typical example is buying an asset because the price is low – but doing so without due diligence. Even though some assets make a retracement in preparation for a considerable jump, other assets continue their decline for a long time. Guiding against impulsive buys would be one way to help eliminate losses and grow a trader’s portfolio.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, growing your portfolio is not something that you can start and accomplish in one day. You can start with the steps above and work your way to the top of the ladder. Being patient and disciplined goes a long way in helping a trader become one of the best in the business. Therefore with these much-needed qualities, as a trader – you can avoid making mistakes or fall into the wrong hands while growing your portfolio.

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