You must keep your crypto wallet secure how do you do it? In this article, we have discussed top tips that will help you ensure the safety of your wallet and other digital assets. Whether you’re using a mobile, hardware, or desktop wallet – hackers, thieves, and scammers will always target your Bitcoin, especially if your transactions are enormous.

Note that Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, and some individuals, especially the new customers, can be confused when it comes to security. Because there is no centralized authority to oversee authority, Bitcoin owners should take full responsibility to protects and secure their wallets.

Below are 11 tips to help keep your crypto wallet secure.

1.      Opt for hardware wallets

There are many Bitcoin wallet options available, and you should be wise on the wallet you choose. If you worry about cybersecurity, cold storage might be the best option.

A secure bet would be storing your Bitcoin on a hardware wallet. There are companies like Trezor that offer several types of USB-like gadgets that come with pre-installed encryption features and security layers. These devices don’t connect to the internet, so it’s hard for criminals to crack them.

2.      Always use a secure internet network.

Whether you’re playing in a Btc Casino or just doing crypto transactions, always ensure the internet connection is secure. Avoid public Wi-Fi that is easy to hack. It is recommended you never access your crypto account with any public Wi-Fi.

Most public Wi-Fi is susceptible and comes with security flaws. You can opt to create a hotspot with your phone instead of using public networks. The best solution is to use reputable or home networks, where you’re sure your connection is not exposed to safety flaws.

3.      Backup your wallets!

Having a backup for your crypto wallet is very important if you want it to stay safe. If something happens to the gadget you’ve installed your wallet, or there are software issues, then this is how you can access the wallet.

Backup phrases are either 12 or 24 words long. You can write them down on paper and store in a safe place. Avoid storing the backups as a file on the computer or your phone. You might lose them if the gadget gets lost.

You can even keep the copy with your lawyer. This way, even if your home caught fire, your document will still be safe.

4.      Use up-to-date and secure antivirus software.

Most operating systems, especially Windows users, are exposed to different types of malware. Always ensure that your PC has a secure antivirus installed. Because most cybercriminals use malware and viruses to tamper with and attack your device, it is crucial to scan your gadget regularly before installing your crypto wallet.

Always keep the antivirus software updated. New malware programs come out each day. However, it is essential to update your programs manually for apps relating to the cryptocurrency scene. App bugs can be damaging to crypto owners. You can take your time and wait for the review of other users before making an update.

5.      Two-factor authentication (2FA)

It is vital to enable 2FA if your crypto wallet allows. It is merely a double authentication of yourself. You can do it in several ways, such as Google Authenticator application that utilizes six-digit code that change every minute and is unique to you. Another way is adding biometric identification such as fingerprints. 2FA is a great tool to enhance security.

6.      Always double-check the address.

It is crucial to double-check the address you’re sending you Bitcoin to. Some malicious programs can replicate procedure and give you different addresses that belong to scammers. It is always wise to send small payments first as verification, and then send more immense amounts.

7.      Ensure there are locks

It’s crucial that when using web browsers, to ensure you can see an SSL security label in the address window on your browser. It provides that your browsing is safe and encrypted. The site needs to begin with HTTPS instead of HTTP. There has to be a lock sign at the end of the URL.

8.      Avoid clicking on suspicious or unknown links.

Be cautious with all your online activities and always counter check the links of the sites you’re accessing. Scammers and hackers can clone websites and use URL addresses that look identical to the real one. Before entering your private key, do some verifications to ensure you’re using the exact address.

Also, beware of scam emails about Bitcoin. They are very popular nowadays. Watch out for phishing scams that come as Google Ads or via emails. If you receive an email from a wallet company, ensure its domain is spelt well and avoid clicking on Google Ads that appear on your screen. Once a phishing site gets access to your private key, all your funds will be gone.

9.      Always maintain strong passwords for your crypto wallet.

Choose your passwords carefully when using a crypto wallet. Don’t use birth dates, phone numbers, hobbies or maiden names. Use alphanumeric combinations that only you can decipher. According to statistics, the majority of people use similar passwords for all their gadgets. Ensure you’re using a unique password for your crypto wallet.

10. Don’t share your private key.

Only you should’ve access to the private keys. Never share them with other people or request someone else to complete transactions for you.

11. Have a different wallet for frequent transactions

Are you a person that makes frequent small transactions? You can always create a different wallet that you can replenish when you need to transact. Note that there is no restriction on how many wallets or Bitcoin addresses you can have. Separating your main wallet from the rest is a great way to enhance your security online.

Final thoughts

It is vital to keep in mind that you’re solely responsible for the safety of your crypto wallet. The crypto industry is continually changing, and safety tools keep improving. Therefore, you need to take all the crucial security measures and stay updated with modern updates and security precautions to keep your crypto or Bitcoin wallet safe from malicious people.

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