Top 10 NFT fractionalization projects in 2023 you should be aware of

Fractionalized NFTs are popular and here are the top 10 NFT fractionalization projects in 2023

NFT is a unique and trending investment opportunity for everyone, which is how NFT fractionalization projects came into existence. Fractal art did not exist for long, but given the popularity and demand of NFTs, examples of fractal art became an alternative asset to secure. Fractionalized NFTs are also known as ‘F-NFTs’ and use the process of fractionalization to split ownership of NFTs into smaller, more affordable fractions.
Like ‘shares’ of a company, it creates an opportunity for anyone to own a portion of a non-fungible token digital asset or collectible through co-ownership. Collectors who list an NFT to become fractionalized set the price, and the collectible goes into a vault which is decentralized and audited by intelligent contracts. Let’s look at the top 10 NFT Fractionalization Projects in 2023 you should be aware of. is a well-known fractional NFT platform that was created by OxLeia. If you need a reputable fractional NFT marketplace, is considered one of the best available. has additional functionalities besides being a place to buy/sell fractional art examples including swaps, farms and other tools. On, NFT stakes are sold as uTokens that users can buy after a certain collection of polls is completed.
The platform is compatible with two token standards, namely: ERC-11155 and ERC-721. Users can only buy/sell ETH-based NFTs.

A popular fractional nft platform used among collectors is ‘’, where you can co-own nft digital collectible from some of the most well-known collections. It allows NFTs to become represented by billions of ERC-20 tokens. Over 39,000 wallets own fractions, according to their platform.


If you are looking for a fractional NFT project that supports Solana, LIQNFT is the best platform to use. The platform enables users to buy or sell fractional NFTs and even serialized NFTs on the Solana blockchain.
With the option of serialization, users gain full ownership of limited NFTs and prints of the NFTs. All such NFTs will be stored in a vault called LIQNFT Treasury. Users are able to define the parameters they want when paying a fee to pledge NFTs in the Treasury.

A new nft marketplace launched by Logan Paul is called ‘’ It specializes in the fractionalization of physical and digital collectibles, with the ability to earn royalties, unlike any other marketplace.

In NFTfy, fractional non-fungible tokens are broken down into 3 steps. By doing so, a fractional marketplace allows users to collectively sell their shares, as opposed to fractionally, to a group of people or even other token holders. It is a completely secure and decentralized marketplace where users’ NFTs are held in contracts. Unstaking your NFT requires you to spend either the reserve price or 100% of that particular NFT. It should be noted that NFTfy supports fractionalization of NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, BNB, and Avalanche.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club fractionalized apes are increasing in popularity and selling for over $400K each through co-ownership. Most collectors seek to get their hands on a bored ape for the exclusive yacht parties and engage with like-minded individuals.

Pudgy Penguins

Pudgy Penguins took inspiration from other non-fungible tokens and sold for, on average, over $40K through co-ownership. However, we’ve only found three sold and vaulted via, suggesting it’s still growing in popularity.


NFTX uses an index fund approach as do the other previously mentioned NFT projects. This decentralized protocol allows you to find pools of NFTs with similar value to an index fund. Users receive NFTX, an ERC-20 token, when they contribute art to an index or purchase a piece of the index. You can mainly find low value artwork on the NFTX platform. It is a platform for fractionalization that uses pooling NFTs of equal value, which makes it different from all the above projects.


CryptoPunks are the first-ever non-fungible tokens available on the blockchain and are the most expensive. These are selling on average over $5 Million each through co-ownership. So, own a piece of history when getting a fractional crypto punk for your collection.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

A spin-off of the original Bored Ape Yacht Club, these are only accessible to those who have previously or currently owned bored apes’ non-fungible token. Now through co-ownership, you can own one of these exclusively generated NFTs.




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