Top 10 reasons why India could emerge as the global leader in AI in 2023
Amidst the fast-paced advancements in technology, artificial intelligence has been one of the most revolutionary creations in the history of tech. AI has the potential to drastically improve the efficiency of a workplace by augmenting the work of humans and implementing efficiencies by removing repetitive tasks for business operations. AI frees up the human workforce and allows us to advance humanity toward a better lifestyle. Among the countries that are introducing massive improvements in AI, India is one of the top countries that are enhancing artificial intelligence innovation and development at a rapid scale. Experts predict that India’s rapid adoption and development of disruptive technologies will make it the next global leader in AI. Here, we have listed the top reasons why Indian could emerge as the global leader in AI and will continue to reign the industry.

Most Indian businesses will shift to AI

Reports suggest that most businesses will shift to AI-powered systems, applications, security systems, data analysis, and other applications in the future. The number of AI startups has risen dramatically in India in 2022 and the trend is expected to continue in 2023 as well.

Indian Leaders are deploying AI for enhanced operational outputs

In India, leaders are primarily using artificial intelligence to enhance operational effectiveness like in sales forecasting and improving e-mail marketing. Data science startups in India are extensively using AI to extract insights and patterns from large datasets and predict the behavior of customers in the future.

Increased exposure to the Internet and technology

India has developed its approach to making technology and the internet extensively approachable to its citizens. Now with increased exposure to the internet, Indians can now readily access technology, even advanced ones like artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence education is becoming more affordable

To work with AI, businesses need to constantly innovate and fund a huge team of researchers and scientists to ensure that they can avail the best resources possible and innovate efficiently. To make innovation more productive, educational institutes in India are introducing AI education in a more affordable manner, preparing the masses for advanced tech adoption and development.

AI is fueling other small businesses in India

Indians are achieving several milestones with the help of AI. Not just large-scale businesses but also medium and small business leaders are deploying the best practices of AI to ensure growth and development into the mainstream market. AI is offering new businesses a chance to see how its competitors have been working to develop their systems and adopting which trending technology will ensure success for them.

Rising number of AI startups

With the growing prominence of tech in India, the number of AI service providers is also rising in the country. These AI startups are making a significant mark in the international sphere, ensuring the global customers can democratize AI in the best way possible. Indian AI startups are fueling the growth of artificial intelligence on a global scale.

Increasing number of Government initiatives to adopt AI

The Indian government is uniquely placing the country’s leaders to take advantage of the developments in AI. Various initiatives taken by the government is helping professionals and aspiring techies to use AI to advance their careers and in turn help the industry to grow.

Large number of AI or STEM graduates

India has a large number of graduates from originating from the AI and STEM backgrounds. The government’s NITI Aayog project enables students to gain training to work in new jobs created by AI and contribute to the development of AI research in India.

Machine learning job market is projected to 40% in India

Triggered by the rising prominence of AI, the machine learning job market is also soaring. The demand for skilled ML professionals has risen significantly in India and to meet those needs, professionals are constantly upskilling themselves and are competing with international AI experts.

Indian business operations are becoming more fast-paced

Leaders are changing the rules of conducting business in India. Operations are becoming more fast-paced to keep up with the changing dynamics of the tech industry and AI is playing a huge part in this. In a nutshell, it is quite evident that the Indian industry leaders are leveraging AI to its best.




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