Top crypto audit companies will examine SpaceSwap smart contract.


With a few days left until the official launch, SpaceSwap has developed a unique tokenomics model and is submitting its contract to leading companies for auditing. The smart contract is already available on GitHub.

SpaceSwap, the future one-stop-station for major DeFi protocols, is getting ready for the official launch which will take place on 10th September. To avoid hacking and problems with token distribution, SpaceSwap has requested a smart contract audit by the leading crypto companies. Currently, the team is negotiating with Kaspersky Smart Contract AuditHackenOpenLawMintableDelphi Digital and other respectable auditors.

“Safety is our number one priority. Striving to avoid the mistakes of newcomers in the DeFi industry, we keep checking each and every piece of the code. Our team has already tested the smart contract, so we’re expecting positive results from the independent audits. If any potential code breaches are revealed, we’ll fix them immediately,” – said SpaceSwap’s development department.

SpaceSwap is getting ready to SHAKE the DeFi industry

SpaceSwap will be launched in a few days, after the independent audits by well-established auditing companies. Initially, it will integrate the improved Uniswap protocol with other major DeFi protocols added via the SpaceSwap Station.

According to SpaceSwap’s roadmap, it will first enable the improved Uniswap DeFi protocol with a similar reward system, plus a whole array of additional features. For example, liquidity providers will not only be rewarded with 0.3% transaction fees but will also be eligible for additional MilkyWay (MILK) coin rewards when staking in the Milk Shake pool and holding MilkShake (SHAKE) coins. During the generation of the first 100000 blocks, MILK coin reward will be increased tenfold (1,000 MILK) to be distributed among early adopters. With the generation of the next block, these coins will be unlocked and sent to liquidity providers in the amount corresponding with their deposit. Afterward, each block will generate 100 MILK coins.

This multi-layer incentivization model allows stakeholders to get the maximum out of yield farming while enjoying one-click access to myriad liquidity pools. Once other protocols are added, new tokenomic patterns will apply.

All this makes SpaceSwap a unique platform – a one-of-its-kind DeFi protocols aggregator with a mind-blowing combination of profit options. Users will be able to reap profits from Uniswap pools, SpaceSwap pools, a MilkShake pool and SHAKE coins, all together!

Space is the limit

To deliver a technically-advanced product, the SpaceSwap development team analyzed the Uniswap DeFi protocol and the smart contracts of the projects forking it. It has allowed them to detect possible vulnerabilities and to nip them in the bud. Hence, SpaceSwap will present an improved version of Uniswap’s protocol, with fixed bugs and a more profitable reward distribution mechanism.

While the final technical details are being polished, SpaceSwap welcomes early adopters. They will get extra MILK tokens after reward distribution and enjoy premium features. With its tried-and-tested smart contract and profit-generating native tokens, SpaceSwap promises to become a real standard-setter in the DeFi industry within a few months!

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