Top Fintech companies to watch in 2021

If every company became a tech company in 2020, every company will become a finance company in 2021. Markets are booming, commerce is gaining momentum once again, and new spaces like SPACs, NFTs, or cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Even companies looking to stay in their lane will find that tech-powered finance tools are the way to go in the coming months.

Up-and-Coming Fintech Companies

With the fintech industry exploding so rapidly out of the gates, it can be tough to know which horse to put your money on. Here are five to watch out for as the year goes on:

1. Briq

With the possibility of an infrastructure plan looming on the horizon, construction firms are going to need all the help they can get keeping their operations in check. Founded in 2017, Briq fits into the picture by providing forecasting, financial analytics, and decision making capabilities to construction management professionals through their platform. 

Construction companies, particularly small operations, have historically been locked out of accessing financial tools — Briq looks to close this gap by offering a usable, affordable project that works for companies of all sizes. It’s no surprise, then, that Business Insider ranked Briq one of the top real estate startups of 2021.

2. CapLinked

The lifeblood of the finance world is the same as that of a number of different industries these days: data. Numerous companies have developed tools for turning data into leads and insights, but far fewer are dedicated to ensuring that data stays stored properly — that’s where CapLinked steps in.

CapLinked, backed by illustrious investors like Peter Thiel and the Founders Fund, provides companies with secure virtual data rooms. These rooms are the ideal locations for holding and managing data and documents related to sensitive operations such as mergers or contract negotiations. In a world where data has become the most valuable commodity, only the strongest security do — and CapLinked is here to provide just that.

3. Flyp

Society has yet to come up with a word for what Flyp is yet. It may look like a bank, but it sure doesn’t sound like one. There are no hidden fees, free overdraft protection, 110% cashback, and more. Flyp is something of a customer-first bank. Flyp’s stated mission is to protect all of its members from the onerous fees and procedures that have turned so many normal people off traditional bank accounts. By drawing the disaffected back into the world of banking, Flyp is creating an entirely new financial ecosystem that is social, fun and inclusive.

4. Ebury

It’s often said that globalization has made the world flat. However, try telling that to any small or medium-sized business looking to pick up international clients. The rules and regulations surrounding trade across borders are enough to deter just about any business hoping to navigate them. Ebury is here to try and get around this.

The British-based fintech startup offers a number of services for companies looking to dabble in international trade. These include anything from streamlined cash transfers and currency exchanges to risk management solutions. By doing most of the heavy lifting and covering your unwatched bases, Ebury ensures that breaking into international markets is easier than it ever has been before.

5. Suplari

For all that has changed in business in the last couple of decades, the bottom line remains the same. Keep your balance sheet firmly in the black. With uncertainty at all-time highs, maintaining a long-term strategy for financial success can be difficult. without the power of foresight.

Suplari helps companies navigate this issue of unknowability by using cutting-edge AI-powered tools in order to forecast with unprecedented accuracy. Whether it’s supply chain insights or ROI figures you’re looking for, Suplari has right tools. These tools can provide the fiscal insights you’re looking for. Fortunately, all of them can be acquired without breaking the bank. 

If the market is growing, fintech is growing even faster. Keeping track of the companies riding this boom lets you know what the major trends are. It also makes you aware of the tools your company can use to grow and prosper well into the future.

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