Top two trending Cryptos that Crypto whales are accumulating: Pushd and Scorpion Casino


Crypto “whales” are major investors holding immense amounts of crypto – wield significant power. Their actions can trigger market movements, making it crucial for savvy investors to track their holdings.
But here’s the catch: uncovering what whales are accumulating can be a challenge. This analysis aims to bridge that gap, shedding light on two hidden gems – Pushd and Scorpion Casino (SCORP) – that whales are quietly accumulating during their presales.
Presales offer a unique opportunity to acquire these tokens before they hit major exchanges, potentially at a lower price point. So, why are these projects catching the whales’ eye, and why should you consider holding them?
Let’s delve deeper.

PushD Disrupts The Retail Marketplace

Pushd is shaking up the online shopping scene with a decentralized marketplace built on the secure and transparent foundation of blockchain technology.  Imagine a platform where buyers and sellers create profiles, fostering a trusted environment. Sellers list their products or services, while buyers browse listings and make purchases using Pushd’s native currency, the Pushd Buyers token.  Every transaction is securely recorded and immutably stored on the blockchain, ensuring complete transparency and eliminating the risk of fraud for both parties.
But the benefits extend beyond security. Pushd tokens are the lifeblood of the platform, granting users access to its features and the ability to buy and sell. Holding Pushd tokens even offers a sweet perk – lower transaction fees.  Pushd takes a democratic approach by empowering token holders with voting rights within its governance system. This allows users to actively participate in shaping the platform’s future.  To incentivize user engagement, Pushd offers a rewards program where users can earn tokens for actively participating in the platform’s growth.
The exciting news doesn’t stop there. Early adopters who participate in the Pushd presale unlock exclusive benefits like early access to the platform before it launches to the public. This grants them a head start in the buying and selling frenzy, potentially positioning them to capitalize on future market trends. With its innovative approach and the backing of presale investors, Pushd is poised to revolutionize online shopping, ushering in a new era of secure, transparent, and user-driven e-commerce.

Scorpion Casino Gains the Attention of Prominent Whales

Scorpion Casino throws down a royal flush with a proven business model and a real product already captivating gamers worldwide.  A licensed and regulated online casino in operation for over a year, Scorpion Casino has a real platform with daily actions.
But the benefits extend far beyond the platform itself. $SCORP holders earn daily staking income in both $SCORP and USDT, a sustainable income stream built on a portion of the casino’s revenue, regardless of market fluctuations.
The presale offers an opportunity to join over 20,000 participants and secure $SCORP at its lowest price before it hits exchanges. Plus, exclusive NFT memberships with incredible perks are available during this limited window.
The team’s commitment is undeniable. The founders themselves invested heavily in $SCORP before the presale even started. Over 30 famous YouTubers and crypto influencers are already buzzing about Scorpion Casino, suggesting organic excitement for the project.
Here’s the true advantage: Scorpion Casino boasts collaborations with all major iGaming developers, ensuring a top-tier gaming experience for users.  They’ve also got a unique buy-back, burn, and reward distribution system in place, designed to continuously raise the token price and grow the value of your investment.
As a Scorpion Casino player, the rewards extend beyond the games themselves. Their crazy reward and cashback system offers Lamborghinis, Rolexes, and Mercedes as prizes.
Offering a working product, daily rewards, exclusive benefits, and a strong foundation, Scorpion Casino positions itself as a compelling proposition for crypto investors seeking real-world utility and the potential for substantial gains.




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