Total immersion: how AI is transforming online entertainment
When we were younger, we’d sit in front of old-school TVs on Saturday mornings, watching our cartoons and eating our cereal, and dreaming of the day when we could step into those fantastical cartoon worlds ourselves. Though the old TVs are gone, they’ve been replaced by flatscreens, monitors, and phone screens. The cartoons and cereal are still there, but now the possibility of stepping further into the cartoon world is tangible – to a degree. AI has become a part of our daily lives and a big part of the entertainment industry. Thanks to its many uses, we are now able to step into game and fantasy worlds, bring those worlds into our own lives and experience our favourite forms of entertainment in the most immersive ways possible. This is how AI is changing the online entertainment industry for the better.

AI in online entertainment

Gamers of all kinds – those who dabble in online slots UK, those who play MMOs with friends from all over the world, and those who sneak a game on their phone on a break from work- have long dreamed of the day when the games that they play would spring off the screen and into their lives. The online gaming experience has always been something that gamers participate in from a distance, behind a screen and a mouse. When arcade companies brought out racing games featuring actual racing bikes and console companies brought out things like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, gamers could dip their toes into the world of gaming in real life.
AI has been a buzzword in the tech and gaming worlds for years, but it’s only recently that the tech has evolved to a point where it’s become feasible for the average gamer to access the tech. Instead of buying console games with tools that only work for one game, why not buy a VR headset that lets you into a potentially unlimited number of game worlds? An excellent example of the use of AI in VR technology is the newly revealed Apple Vision Pro.
Though the millions of fans who waited for the device’s release were shocked by the limited number of games users could access (only currently games from the Apple Arcade), experts say that the Vision Pro is just the first in what promises to be a long line of headsets and that others will learn from Apple’s mistake. Headsets like the Vision Pro bring content into your real-life space by projecting it onto a video feed of your actual area, be it your home, a park, or the beach. Users navigate through the content or game world with their hands: Apple’s device allows users to use hands-only, whereas some devices require gloves or a body suit to superimpose them into the world.

An immersive experience

Tech like this will change gaming forever and become the new standard for a good experience. Online casino game fans will be able to sit down at a table in their favourite online casino without ever leaving the lounge, designers will be able to step into their work and create in finer detail and three-dimensional space, and fantasy gamers will be able to take part in real sword fights. Eventually, this technology will evolve to allow users to not only enter the game world visually and feel it physically. They will feel the wind through their hair when they ride their dragon through the skies. They will feel resistance when their fist connects to an opponent’s face in a boxing match. They’ll be able to sort their hand of cards and feel the chips in their hands before they place a bet. Other tools might come with the VR or AR tech itself: fans, water spray bottles, riding, or zero gravity apparatus. There might also be a time when full-body suits use sensors and nerve stimulation to “fake” these sensations, but the result is a completely immersive gaming experience.

What part does AI play?

  1. Your experience will be immersive and highly personalised, thanks to AI. User experience and data are analysed and used to tailor the user’s experience. This data can also predict the user’s potential choices in any scenario.
  2. Keeping users safe while they’re in their virtual world is another thing that we can thank AI for. Object recognition is a pivotal part of the VR world.
  3. Neuro Linguistic Processing recognises spoken commands to help you navigate your environment.
Before long, becoming completely immersed in your online entertainment, both mentally and physically, will be the new norm. AI is taking VR and AR to new heights, and with so much focus on this tech, it won’t be long before a new iteration, probably a more broadly useful and cost-effective version, is released to the world. We won’t just look on while games take place on a screen; we’ll be a physical part of completing the levels and taking action. A total immersion into your favourite forms of entertainment will soon be only a click away.




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