TradeSanta is a cloud-based service which offers bots for automated trading. Founded in 2018, it gives a great opportunity to trade 24/7, and allows its users to test well-known trading strategies no matter if you are a novice or veteran.

It has a growing community with 9 100 customers and up to 420100 completed deals.

Many users hesitate to start trading or not, thinking it can be hard to learn the way it works. TradeSanta team helps to overcome hesitation: easy website navigation and revamped accounts give new customers a chance to find their way around trading faster.

As well as providing detailed guidelines, blogposts with useful tips and FAQ, TradeSanta also has an excellent customer service on Telegram. TradeSanta team appreciates sharing user experience, and discussing the latest trends right in the chat. Not so long ago their crypto community has reached 1000 subscribers.


What does TradeSanta offer?


  1. Streamlined process and user-friendly interface: top-notch personal accounts are easy to navigate. So, you need less than 10 minutes to customize and turn on your bot.
  2. Big range of exchanges: TradeSanta supports up to 4 platforms: Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, and HitBTC. Project team says that the best is yet to come: they plan to expand the list of supported exchanges, and add OKEx, Bitmex and Huobi.
  3. Smart order option: one of the latest feature which enables users to trade large sums. Its algorithms will take into account a certain time period of the transaction and the total trading volume. This TWAP and VWAP functions make it possible to automate processes in a few clicks, and let your bot deal with technical operations independently.
  4. Security is a #1 priority: bots places orders and requests data via API keys. By default, the withdrawal option is off and TradeSanta won’t be able to withdraw your funds. Moreover, the service offers a 2-step verification process to level up security, preventing accounts from data breach.
  5. Support 24/7: is active on Telegram and provides support service instantly. This fact could be considered as a positive sign for the whole project.
  6. Free version with limited options: unlike other platforms, apart from 3 plans, differing in number of bots you can create, this one has a free package. Sign up for free and take advantage of automated trading.


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