Turkey’s largest private bank, Isbank chooses Commencis Dataroid to enhance customer experience on digital channels
  • Commencis is an award-winning technology company helping leading brands grow and scale in digital, powered by its big data, analytics and cloud products.

  • Dataroid, the enterprise-level big data analytics and engagement platform of Commencis empowers leading enterprises to better understand every individual customer experience and take real-time actions.

  • Turkey’s largest private bank, Isbank is partnering with Commencis Dataroid to improve customer experience on digital channels.

Turkey’s largest private bank Isbank chooses Commencis and its enterprise-level big data analytics and engagement platform Dataroid to have a better understanding of user behaviour across digital channels and improve customer experience.

Dataroid helps enterprises to enhance every individual customer experience through deep customer insight, data science modelling, and omnichannel customer engagement. Isbank uses Dataroid platform to gain real-time visibility of customer journeys, gather customer intelligence and take real-time actions.

Yalcın Sezen, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Isbank commented, “Our priority is to deliver a seamless and secure customer experience in all touch points by using latest digital technologies and analytical methods with an innovative mindset. With this priority in mind, we are trying our best to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytic models to offer a personalized experience to our customers at the right time with the right content.

With Dataroid platform offered by Commencis – who has been our business partner since the first development days of our mobile app “IsCep” in 2007- we obtain insights on digital user experience derived from real-time analyses based on behavioural data. With Dataroid, we have analysed the journey of 9 million unique digital customers in the last one-and-a-half-year period. Since the past year, we have created more than 20 million interactions with over 100 contextual action simulations. Using these interactions, we offer our customers a seamless customer experience by meeting their expectations immediately and creating fast solutions to their problems.”

Fatih Isbecer, Executive Chairman at Commencis said, We have developed Dataroid to integrate fast and easily into digital infrastructures with SDKs and into offline channels with readymade APIs, thereby to manage all customer interactions from a single platform. We created a very comprehensive platform that is very efficient in processing big data for the banking industry.

Dataroid platform which works in Isbank’s on-site environment is capable of processing more than a billion daily interactions of 9 million users. Our partnership with İşbank in digital transformation continues since the day we created Turkey’s first mobile banking app IsCep. And we’re extremely happy to see that our partnership with Isbank contributes to their vision and focus of providing the best customer experience.”

Dataroid platform is already used by medium to very large enterprises in financial services, airlines and retail to reshape the experience of over 25 million users.

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