Univers partners with VR Connections to build seamless bridges between Metaverses

Bringing cross-platform unity to projects building the infrastructure of Web3.0, Univers partners with VR Connections to unlock the capabilities of Metaverse interoperability

Univers, the software platform building Metaverse interoperability solutions, partners with VR Connections, the immersive reality management service to connect Metaverses. Through the partnership, Univers empowers a wide community of developers and studios with its core product offering, including a software development kit (SDK), to create Metaverse experiences that transcend one platform.
Imagine donning a VR headset to finally dip your toes into the mysterious “Metaverse” everyone is talking about, only to discover you’re actually confined to only one company’s version of the Metaverse. That’s likely to happen for most in today’s landscape, as the companies racing to dominate Web3 continue to build fragmented digital worlds. This fragmentation causes a major gap in interoperability and compatibility between platforms for users and independent developers, leading to increased entry barriers and stagnating wider adoption.
The Univers platform tackles this challenge by building the infrastructure to connect between Metaverse platforms seamlessly. The platform offers four core products that commit to building bridges between Metaverses within its framework. The product roster includes:
  1. Univers’s SDK
Univers’s open-source SDK allows both on-chain and off-chain projects to utilize the Univers framework to build blockchain-based experiences that operate across multiple Metaverse networks. The toolbox allows creators with little blockchain expertise to fashion interactive games and experiences.
  1. Avalon
Avalon is the central hub of the Univers platform, which operates as a gateway to Metaverse projects that utilize the framework. Avalon also serves as Univers’ accessible social hub, featuring mini-games, marketplaces, and events that allow users to carry their data across the Univers network.
  1. Univers Consumer Events (UCEs)
UCEs provide a venue and forum to host live events and conferences within the Univers ecosystem. Purpose-built to foster a community around independent creators and upcoming projects, UCEs utilize mixed reality to combine location-based entertainment and digital interaction.
  1. The Univers Foundation
The Univers Foundation is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that provides opportunities for developers, creators, and studios to grow through capital investment, mentorship, and assistance. The foundation serves as an incubator that will raise funds through token sales, allowing holders to vote on high-impact developments within Avalon.
VR Connections is a virtual and augmented reality content and production management platform, which structures and deploys content for immersive experiences across industries. The partnership with Univers expands the community around its SDK offering, building an operational service for projects and independent developers to utilize.
“We are really proud to team up with VR Connections prior to the launch of our core product offering,” says Yann Toullec, CEO & Co-Founder at Univers. “The Metaverse can’t exist without interoperability, period. We are thrilled to lead the charge and ensure a digital future with no fragmentation and accessibility for independent creators and users.”

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