UREEQA strikes partnership with Venusverse

The two Ontario-based, forward-thinking digital platforms will work together to empower creators in the NFT space and beyond

 UREEQA, a leading digital validation company that helps creators protect, manage and monetize creative work, has announced a progressive new partnership with fellow Canadian digital start-up Venusverse.
UREEQA is on a mission to modernize intellectual property standards, particularly when it comes to the digital space, while Venusverse endeavors to close the gender gap by removing the barriers to entry for women in Web3. And that’s what makes this such a match made in metaheaven.

“Both UREEQA and Venusverse are focused heavily on supporting creators by setting a higher standard in this realm, and on the elements of education and equality in this budding space,” UREEQA CEO Kirk Fergusson said. “We’re extremely excited to team up with an operation that exhibits such important values. And as an added bonus, we’re neighbors in Southern Ontario.”

As Canada’s first female-founded, female-focused educational program, incubator and NFT collection, Venusverse is blazing trails by empowering women to become early adopters in the world of Web3 through educational sessions that tackle the complexities of this new space. As well as an incubator designed to support female creators, and a forthcoming NFT art collection with membership access to the Venusverse community.

“We’re very excited about partnering with UREEQA, not only because they are another local Web3 start-up that will enable and protect creators as they move into the vast world of Web3,” Venusverse co-founder/CEO Janelle Chalouhi said. “But with lofty goals and loftier expectations, it’s important for us to ensure we have the support and process necessary to deliver on our mission. Partnering with another creator-focused, forward-thinking platform like UREEQA will empower us both to flourish.”

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