Veriff powers Bolt’s global growth
Bolt is on a mission to make urban travel more affordable, convenient and responsible. As customers’ safety is Bolt’s top priority, it is important to eliminate any attempts of fraud. In very rare cases, when unusual activity is detected, Bolt may require passengers to verify themselves. The verification is triggered by Bolt’s sophisticated anti-fraud engine which uses both rule-based scoring and machine learning to detect potentially suspicious activity. Veriff provides Bolt with a fast and secure method to verify Bolt customers.
Kaarel Kotkas, Veriff founder and CEO is excited to announce partnership with Bolt, especially following Bolt’s massive funding news. “Together we power trust and safety online and are supporting Bolt’s next big jump in their ambitious global growth,” said Kotkas.
Martin Villig, Bolt co-founder says: “The new partnership with an innovative identity verification provider like Veriff supports our ambition to be the industry leader in safety and quality on our transportation platform.”
In the mobility sector, one of the most prevalent fraud types is recurring fraud where fraudsters create multiple accounts to use services. For catching recurring fraud, Veriff uses crosslinking. In other words, if the user has committed fraud before, all the recurring attempts associated with the same person, device, or document are automatically declined.

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