Web3 Tokens you can’t miss in 2024: Arbitrum , Scorpion Casino and Celestia


Is Web3 more than just a buzzword in the cryptocurrency realm?
The changing perception is evident as leading cryptocurrencies integrate Web3 functionalities, garnering substantial attention and growth. Notably, Arbitrum and Celestia, two of the most distinguished coins in the Web3 sphere, have seen their values escalate swiftly, underscoring the growing interest and potential of Web3 technologies.
In parallel, Scorpion Casino (SCORP), an innovative online crypto betting platform, is quickly becoming a focal point of excitement within the industry. With a successful presale that has already amassed $4 million, Scorpion Casino is poised to become the next big name in the merging worlds of Web3 and online gambling.

Arbitrum Seems Bullish Says Crypto Analysts

In less than two years since its launch, the Arbitrum network has significantly impacted the web3 sector, attracting major Ethereum-based web3 projects like Uniswap, GMX, Balancer, and Hyperliquid.
Arbitrum’s smart contracts are nearing an all-time high in ETH holdings, highlighting the network’s growing trust among users. People are bridging to Arbitrum for lower transaction costs, access to Arbitrum-exclusive protocols, or to explore its tech capabilities.

Scorpion Casino’s Presale Smashes Records 

Scorpion Casino is making waves as an innovative online gambling platform that integrates cutting-edge blockchain technology to offer a seamless, global gambling experience. Licensed by the Curacao eGaming Authority, it demonstrates a commitment to transparency and integrity in its operations.
This Web3 project has passed rigorous security evaluations by Solidproof, underlining its dedication to maintaining a secure, safe, and reliable gambling environment. A standout aspect of Scorpion Casino’s transparency is the public availability of its smart contract and audit, allowing anyone to verify the platform’s legitimacy and scrutinize its operations.

Should You Buy SCORP in 2024?

The SCORP token, central to the casino’s ecosystem, facilitates gaming activities and serves as a reward mechanism. Staking SCORP tokens offers users a chance for passive income through daily rewards and annual yields as the casino’s user base grows. Moreover, a strategic buyback plan is in place, with 20% of profits used to repurchase SCORP tokens, half of which are then burned to reduce the circulating supply.
The presale of SCORP has already attracted significant interest, raising over 4 million and hitting 97.09% of its goal with more than 8,000 contributors. With the presale price set at $0.029 per SCORP, compared to the listing price of $0.05, it presents a lucrative opportunity for early investors.


Celestia Returned 680% In 90 Days 

Celestia (TIA) has demonstrated steady growth in the cryptocurrency market, with its price increasing by approximately 680% in the past 90 days, reaching $19.52. This rise represents a significant improvement from its lowest point last year. Currently, it maintains a stable market capitalization exceeding $3.4 billion.
The platform has experienced notable increases in transactions and data usage, accompanied by an uptick in block size to 734k. The number of TIA accounts has also risen to over 899k, with more than 76k transactions recorded in the last 24 hours, indicating growing user engagement.

Final Byte

In the realm of Web3 tokens, Scorpion Casino (SCORP) emerges as a leading contender, blending blockchain technology with online gambling. With a successful presale raising over $4 million, SCORP promises transparency and integrity. Security evaluations and public smart contract availability bolster confidence among investors. SCORP holders stand to benefit from passive income opportunities through staking rewards and buyback plans, making Scorpion Casino an attractive investment in the evolving crypto market.


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Source: https://www.analyticsinsight.net

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