Now more than ever before, it’s critical to focus on eco-friendly and greener ways of living. People are more aware of how their habits impact not only their health but the health and stability of the environment. With advances in technology that can reduce carbon emissions, improve food supplies, and even create biodegradable packaging, it’s clear that going green is the way of the future. For those industrious entrepreneurs who want to make money while embracing a ‘green life’, there are plenty of opportunities to make an impact whether large or small.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

One of the ways that people can make money while living a greener lifestyle is by supporting companies that don’t fund the oil industry or other non-green companies. As an example, most credit cards or debit cards help fund fossil fuel industries.

Using a card like Aspiration’s eco-friendly debit card is a great alternative. Not only will your money be used toward greener initiatives, you’ll also earn rewards and interest on the money you keep in your account. Additionally, when you spend your money at certain eco-friendly businesses, you’ll get a portion of your purchases as cash back.

Invest in Green Technologies

Technologies that improve the environment are worth your investment. If you have money that you want to see grow and also build a better future, put your dollars into green technologies and companies. Whether it’s technology that improves yields on food with less harmful pesticides and herbicides, or a technology that creates green energy, putting your money into these investments will eventually make you more money. Think about those who invested early in innovative companies like Tesla – they are now making a lot more money by going green.

Sell Your Garden Produce

A small way to go green in your own community is to plant an organic garden and sell the excess. You’ll make money doing something you enjoy, bring fresh food into people’s homes, and help keep the farm-to-table movement alive. Not only is local food better for your health, it’s also better for the environment because you don’t need to transport it from far away. Growing your own garden in the summer months can provide you with extra money just by going green.

Start a Toxin-Free Spa

The business ideas are endless when it comes to going green. Using toxin-free and organic products in your spa can create a wonderful experience for the people who come to relax. Using biodegradable materials, shopping for supplies from other green suppliers, and even leveraging natural light can all be ways to go green in your spa business and make money doing it. Additionally, you could create a green and all-natural beauty product line that you can sell near and far.

Write About Eco-Friendly Topics

People love to read blogs, op-eds, and other content. Writing about eco-friendly topics is a great way to educate people about important issues while making money as a result. You can leverage your passion for going green to help people reduce the toxins in their homes, make better buying choices, and find ways to participate in the green movement themselves. Earning money by going green means you can share your experiences and expertise with the world.

Going green in your personal life is great. Taking your newfound zeal for sustainability, reducing toxins, and more can give you the opportunity to make money by going green. These are just a few of the ways you can do it. Can you think of more?

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