Did you know it’s possible investing in bitcoin? Yes, there are several virtual currencies in the digital world that allow you to invest in a financial product. You may give it a try and see the return’s value. If it becomes beneficial, then make it a long term thing, and stop if nothing comes out of it. We’ve got investment basics that people should understand.

For instance, investing in passive income is a great thing to keep you wealthy. Passive income lasts longer than active. Having a passive investment keeps you safe even if you lost your job today. You may get sick or stop working for various reasons, but the cash inflow is still on. Let’s keep reading to know the lowest you can invest in bitcoin.

What’s the minimum you can invest in bitcoin?

For one to get started, there’s no minimum amount as a requirement for investing in bitcoin. Maybe it’s the lowest set up by the system for buyers to acquire the first bitcoin piece. Forums, including Coinbase, allows users to buy bitcoins starting from two dollars. However, it’s a bad deal of investing with such small monies because most platforms charge fees for transferring, selling, or buying. That means the charges may harm your insignificant investment. You should at least put a minimum of $50. Even if you consulted financial advisers, they might still tell you the same thing. It’s necessary to understand the most basic concepts and rules before investing. They include, Invest an amount you won’t regret losing & Never apply for a loan if you want to invest.

Most money lending organizations will easily approve your application expecting repayment in the agreed time. You can only try such risk if it’s a product that acquires returns from its interest. If you fail to consider this rule with the digital system investment, regrets might follow.

Do you know that active income can be worked for forever if you want extra income? Nevertheless, the amount that stays longer is the extra- passive income. If you reach a point of having more passive cash as likened to active, be sure you can decide to idle and still have enough. Mostly, it’s the wealthy people who comfortably do this because of investing in several financial products earning more returns. If you’re interested in Forex trading and looking for the best forex  brokers in the UK, it’s important to inform yourself about trading platforms, read brokerage reviews, and consider opening a demo account with a broker to gain some beginner experience.

Factors to guide on how much you can invest

As mentioned earlier, investing in cryptocurrencies can be challenging if you don’t understand a lot about its working. We’ve made it easier for you by giving a few recommendations and factors to be considered before deciding how much can be invested in bitcoin. Please have a look.


Timing is essential to be keen about when choosing to invest in virtual money networks. You probably hear people speak so much about bitcoin when its rates increase. The exact opposite happens during its low season in terms of price. Investors and careful social networks followers are fond of accessing current trends. It’d be best if you understand that the digital monetary system has repeated cycles in marketing. They may last between one and two years. As a result, you should be keen on the timing to catch up with the highest returns. Failure to which may entirely change your perspective. Before choosing the amount to invest, look at the market cycle.

Risk tolerance

The volatility nature of virtual cash is not a good thing for an investor. It’s because, while we hope for a better cryptocurrency’s future, it’s very uncertain. Nobody can predict what it’ll be like. For that reason, don’t just think about how much to invest, but how much you can’t regret discarding. Ask yourself about the probability of succeeding and think about the worst that’d ever happen if the unexpected happens. Imagine what will occur in the future if you use this amount as an investment. Will it bring discomfort? Not being sure is a sign that you should lower that money. You may consult family and friends for their opinion. Panic sales are potentially experienced by huge bitcoin investors. They decide to undergo the loss sometimes. If it’s a rational decision, fine. Don’t let it be emotional.

Mind change

Chances of changing your mind when investing in cryptocurrencies are high. Most individuals fail to stick to the amount they promised themselves. It’s natural how people have other thoughts despite confrontation by an all-time-evolving virtual market. When deciding how much to invest, allow space for changing your future decision. It’s easier done through investing at intervals such as three, six, or twelve months. Gradual and progressive investment sequences help understand yourself better. After that, you can trust inputting a good amount during the best market cycle, and gain more returns.

Returns tolerance

What if you get very upset about losing your cash? On the other hand, what’s the feeling if you gained 20 times the amount invested? It may look stupid reasoning in that direction but think about it. In 2017, most investors used their life savings when the virtual currency was flourishing. These individuals became millionaires and some billionaires. If they were stupid enough to go back and invest in 2018 when prices became lower, do you think they’d have gained the same? Of course, no. Therefore, think about investing an amount you’re not attached to. You’ll stay strong as an investor when less is lost or more gains when the market sales higher.


You should notice that cryptocurrencies don’t relate to other markets, including real estate, gold, and finance. To illustrate, gold rises when stocks fall. They are indirectly proportional. On the contrary, bitcoin doesn’t connect with bonds or stock. It survives without dependence. For this reason, bitcoin investment is a better option, though don’t forget that it’s volatile. The best advice is diversification. Invest not only in bitcoin but also real estate, gold, and vehicles. Besides, having some cash at the bank will grow through interest, which may not be significant but safeguards your portfolio. In short, don’t risk storing all your money in virtual currency. No need to win the first time, second, or up to third, and later lose it all.

The bottom line

Various digital monetary systems give room for investment. For instance, bitcoin, ethereum, and more others that existed before these two. This article focuses majorly on putting money in bitcoin. But If you are eager to learn more about other prospective cryptocurrencies to invest in you should definitely have a look at the following review.

Having knowledge about how much you should invest as the least amount in bitcoin is essential. However, speculative and volatile nature plus how the charges affect buying, selling, and transferring money in cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, it is vital to learn about bitcoin scams to avoid falling into risks. Bugis Credit will be helpful in this regard. it provides all the necessary information you may need.

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