With predictions today, you can easily use this data to forecast the outcome of a game. But when you’re dealing with cryptocurrencies, the volatile nature of the market makes it highly unpredictable, with prices rising and plummeting at any given moment. 

A lot of excitement comes along with rising prices since many traders can use this as an opportunity to buy low and make profits on their investments. However, not many traders are experienced in knowing exactly what to do in cases where the price of crypto is suddenly crashing. 

In cases like these, it’s easy to find yourself panicking and unable to know what next step to take. So, we’ve put together this piece to provide you with five things you should do when you suddenly realize that your investment is plummeting. 

What To Do


When the price of your crypto drops, you have the option to either sell it as early as possible or find a reason to buy more of it since its value is cheaper. Either way, you have to ensure that you’re calm while making this decision. 

When you base your decisions on emotions, your results won’t be as fruitful as they should. Therefore, avoid acting out of panic, breathe for as long as possible, and reflect on your trading goals before making any move. 

Take Time To Assess The Situation

Take a close look into the market by investigating if there’s a possible reason why the trading price is dropping. In many cases, the media and the news have a significant influence over the sentiment of the market. 

Use Volatility To Your Advantage

Cryptocurrency is highly volatile by nature. Since the market doesn’t generate any cash flow, crypto traders only have the changes in sentiment that drive these prices to rely on for indication of what’s happening at the time. 

Though the market can come with the disappointment of having it crash, there’s also an equal opportunity to have it swing between moments of profit and optimism. 

Experienced traders know that assets like cryptocurrencies are driven by sentiment. These emotions then propel traders to make certain decisions that affect the market as a whole. 

So, in cases like these, professional traders can use high-powered algorithms to make highly sophisticated trades even in the most volatile markets. 

Evaluate The Future

Take a moment to look at how the fundamental situation could turn out for your investment, given the new developments that are taking place. In other words, check to see how this affects governments, adoptions, regulations, and the market as a whole. 

What other leading countries proceed to do in instances like these can only be seen in the future. However, it’s evident that cryptos are at risk of facing threats in the form of regulations. When crypto continues to gain traction in this way, there’s a high risk that it may end up becoming a victim of its very own success at some point. 

There’s a lot to assess when it comes to the crypto market and the challenges that come along with trading, which means you have to stay in the loop on financial and environmental costs that are associated with mining them. 

Make A Decision On How To Act

Once you’ve gone through the steps provided above, your next move will involve considering how to act and what step to make next. In your thinking process, you need to consider the following:

  • Can the risks presented on the market disguise themselves as opportunities for you? If your answer happens to be ‘yes,’ then your next move would be to hold on to your crypto and use the dipping price to buy more of the asset. 
  • Are the risks likely to continue and possibly get worse? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then you might want to consider taking your losses. 
  • Is it hard to really tell what’s going on? If you’re struggling to see a way ahead of what’s going on, then you might want to look into splitting the difference. You can opt to sell some of your position today and keep some with you just in case the market picks up the next day. 

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