Since the introduction of the internet, more and more people have decided to try their hand at different forms of betting, from poker to slots, there’s a game for everyone. As more and more people gained access to the internet, this meant more people playing online.

Unfortunately, with more people playing online, that means more information is held such as personal information and bank details including card numbers. Because of this, it does mean there are people out there trying to steal that data to use for their own personal advantage. As the years have gone on, they’ve created new techniques and ideas on how to get hold of this data, meaning companies are in a never ending battle to keep their customers’ information safe.

In every walk of life, there will unfortunately be people trying to obtain information illegally, so it’s up to us and companies to ensure we make it as hard as possible. In this article, we’ll be taking a further look into why cyber security is important for Igaming platforms.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a card transaction on your account you don’t recognise. Having to go through the process of raising it with your bank and waiting for it to be investigated and then having to wait for a new card to arrive. This is just one example of the potential outcomes of a data breach and is what all companies are fighting to avoid. Companies are always looking for new threats and how to actively stop them before they happen. Let’s take a look at some of the things companies are doing to prevent fraud and any cyber breaches.

Two factor authentication

Having two factor authentication available for users is a great way to ensure their information is being held safe and secure. Two factor authentication works by requiring the user attempting to log in to use a second method of verification to successfully log in. this could be a push notification, an email or text with a code and sometimes even a phone call. Some websites will also have you use a second authenticator application which will generate a random key code for you to use.

By having two factor authentication on, you’re preventing any unwanted users logging in and having access to the users personal information. Two factor authentication is a great way to keep things secure as it’s a lot more difficult to break into than if it were just a username and password.

Having top of the range antivirus and malware protection

This applies to both users and the company, it’s extremely important to have the best possible antivirus and malware protection installed to prevent threats. Having this installed and being run frequently will ensure protection against even the threats you don’t see, as the antivirus will have picked this up.

By having this first line of defence, it protects the company against potential threats sent in by hackers, allowing them to spend more time on the company and less time worries about outside threats.

Ensuring data is encrypted

When a user provides their information to a company, that information is then stored securely by the company. One of the ways they can securely hold this information is by having it encrypted. By doing this, it allows them to hold the information, but without the risk of it being easily accessed. Whilst the information can be unencrypted, it just adds another layer of protection to put off potential hackers.

Companies can also implement a passcode or password, meaning any information will require this to be accessed, and without it the information is useless. Encryption has been used for many years and is one of the best possible defences against potential threats.

Why do hackers target Igaming companies

The end goal for hackers is for financial gain, and what better place to target than websites full of card and bank details. As Igaming is players placing bets or wagers on games such as slots or poker, their card details are frequently being used and updated. This means if they could gain access to this information, they would have thousands of card details available to either use or sell on.

With how quickly technology is evolving and moving each day, companies are having to stay on their toes and ensure they’re keeping up to date with the latest security innovations to make sure they’re providing their customers with the best possible protection available.

Since the introduction of the internet, there always has been and always will be hackers around to try and steal information for their own personal gain, so it’s important we all do our bit to ensure both we and our information stay safe and secure online. Are you doing all you can to stay safe?

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