The banking and financial industries are constantly competing to stand out. However, not all companies are willing to invest effort and time in finding tailor-made solutions for their businesses that would allow them to thrive. They constantly underestimate the benefits of having tailor-made financial solutions, regardless of the size or type of business they run.
Currently, financial solutions can perform different and punctual functions. While some can issue cards, others allow you to monitor and follow up transactions. Others give you the necessary security for your cards and, thus, endless functions.
However, wouldn’t it be ideal to have all the necessary services and many more financial solutions in one user-friendly app?
Wallester, an Estonian FinTech startup, has surged with a single promise: to put together a technological revolution for the world of finance and banking. Sergei Astafjev, CEO of Wallester, declares that “our aim is to improve and bring Wallester’s solutions to businesses and companies worldwide with the help of our Visa partner.”
Since 2018, Wallester has been an official Visa partner and Visa FinTech Fast Track Member, issuing physical and virtual cards of any type. It is a licensed white-label Visa Card issuer and a payment that offers an “all-in-one” solution. In other words, it is every different financial service your company needs in one.
Businesses like marketplaces, travel agencies, banks, e-commerce, FinTech companies, streaming platforms, and many more, can benefit from a wide range of diversified solutions and individual approaches that they offer.
Wallester seeks to help companies grow as quickly as possible by making access to bank cards much more accessible than ever, as noted by Wallester’s COO, Dmitri Logvinenko.
Some of the solutions that integrate this robust application are:
  1. White Label Cards: turnkey launch of branded credit cards specifically for your business, guaranteeing a fast time-to-market rate through simplified integration. Think of it as a piece of your company in your customers’ and employees’ hands.
  2. KYC/AML: compliance with requirements for verifying customers’ identity, and sensitive information. All while preventing illegal activities.
  3. Tokenization: add any type of card to digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  4. 3D Secure: makes e-commerce secure by requesting an additional verification at the time of
  5. Virtual cards: instant issuance of personalized virtual cards to make instant payments, transfers, and online purchases even more secure and dependable.
  6. Fraud monitoring: real-time transaction monitoring to detect and prevent payment card fraud, thus reducing possible financial losses.
Wallester is not only the fastest card issuer in all of Europe but also an ally that will help you have total control of your cards and manage payments.
You can track and analyze your finances with the platform’s metrics and statistics, organize your finances by category, see each of the transactions in detail, export your reports into different formats, and integrate the application into different management platforms.
This system guarantees increased speed to market for your financial product, as well as flexible pricing, compliance with regulatory requirements, and full support of your solution infrastructure.
One of the most attractive Wallester’s solutions is the one that lets you customize any financial program you need for your company: the White–Label Solution.
By definition, white-label products are sold by retailers with their branding and logo, but those products are manufactured by a third party. This means that this Wallester’s solution gives you the chance to create your own virtual and physical cards ready to use right away, rather than waiting on the manufacturer.
Wallester’s readily made program ensures easy and fast white-label card issuing. It is a whole ecosystem that is set up individually for the needs of every customer.
The benefits for companies when building and designing a tailored financial plan are endless.
Some solutions that Wallester offers are:
  1. Issue branded Visa cards with an option to create your card designs and choose different materials.
  2. Use platforms to manage cards, as well as a REST API with the possibility to integrate into existing management tools.
  3. Create branded mobile iOS and Android apps for users to manage their cards.
  4. Option to set up Visa Gold, Platinum, Signature, or Infinite Benefits for your cards.
Thanks to these solutions offered by Wallester, you can fully customize cards and the mobile app to highlight your logo and your entire brand identity. Additionally, you can keep real-time control of all the financial aspects of the company in a single easy-to-use and efficient platform.
They have recently launched a new solution that fits any size and type of company: Wallester Business.
This is an in-demand product made for businesses and companies of different levels and sizes. It offers to issue corporate cards using individual limits and integrated accounting services to help efficiently control corporate financials internally.
Companies will be able to control all the financial aspects of the company in the same space while giving a private and personal spot to each member of the company.
What can you get from this program for your company?
  1. Corporate expense cards
  2. Transaction monitoring in real-time and limit regulation
  3. Payment approvals
  4. Instant issuance of virtual cards to purchase online advertising
  5. Invoicing
  6. Budget
  7. Reports on all corporate expenses
Now that we know that Wallester goes beyond the basic customization of corporate finances, it is important to discuss some benefits of the Business cards for employees.
We have the possibility of integrating with an API and using the mobile app to manage financial activity in a single space; also, you can grant authorizations, access, and profiles to each user added to the program.
Finally, it also has a rewards program with benefits for your employees in different aspects: travel, restaurants, leisure, shopping, and much more.
Wallester recognizes that time is money, and an ally like them can help your business become more efficient with its customizable services.
From sophisticated white–label card issuing for every use case to the integration with e-wallets or even company expense accounts, there is an exact solution for your needs.
You can track and analyze your company’s finances with the platform’s metrics and statistics, organize them by category, see each of the transactions in detail, export your reports in different formats, and integrate the application into different management platforms.
It is strong, secure, and compatible with any device to always carry all your cards with you: credit, debit, prepaid, virtual, personal, business… all of them!

Ready to stand out in the banking and finance revolution?

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