Why today’s cybersecurity threats are more dangerous

Greater complexity and interdependence among systems gives attackers more opportunity for widespread, global damage, say government and industry experts.

Over the past two years, the rise of big-ticket ransomware attacks and revelations of harmful software supply chain infections have elevated cybersecurity to the top of the government’s agenda. At the same time, corporate America and even the general public have awakened to the new array of digital dangers posed by nation-state actors and criminal organizations.

It’s little surprise then that two threads running through this year’s Aspen Cyber Summit were the intricate nature of the cybersecurity threats we now face and how they may differ from the challenges we faced in the past. “We’ve got this growing complexity and growing interdependence,” Window Snyder, CEO of Thistle Technologies, said. “So, the opportunities [for threat actors] are growing faster than we’re able to mitigate them.”


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