Why X is the future of Crypto growth
When we think of social media, certain names immediately come to mind – Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, among others.
These platforms have been at the forefront of our digital lives for years, connecting people, allowing them to share stories and shaping our online experiences.
But in recent times, there’s one platform that has not only disrupted the social media space but has also become a driving force in the world of cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0. That platform is X (formerly known as Twitter).
In this op-ed, let’s dissect what exactly sets X apart in a class of its own as the indisputable key to the future of crypto growth.
We’ll explore how X has evolved in recent times, its ambitious plans for cryptocurrency integration and why it has become an invaluable tool for Web 3.0 brands.
From Twitter to X – beyond the name
To understand the significance of X in the crypto industry, we need to zoom in on its gradual transformation under the ownership of tech mogul, Elon Musk.
While it was once primarily known as a microblogging web application, X has evolved into a multifaceted slice of the internet frequented by 450 million monthly active users.
Elon Musk’s blueprint for X is nothing short of audacious – he envisions it as an ‘everything app’ that integrates social, financial and commercial functionalities seamlessly.
Of course, like every significant step forward in human history, this evolution didn’t happen overnight.
Since its acquisition in October 2022, the social media platform has undergone several strategic changes that have altered its impact on and position in contemporary digital culture.
These piecemeal modifications seemingly came to a head in July 2023 when Musk rebranded the name from ‘Twitter’ to the enigmatic – and quite controversial – moniker, ‘X.’
But the change of name merely scratches the surface.
The shift from Twitter to X represents a fundamental change in how we perceive and use social media – so it’s important for us to talk about what’s been changing beneath the hood.
Integration of cryptocurrency payments
One of the most exciting developments on X is its plans for cryptocurrency integration.
X has obtained a licence to integrate cryptocurrency payments, and this could prove to be game-changing for the entire Web 3.0 industry.
Reports have surfaced about X’s development of a crypto payments system, aptly named ‘Coins.’
This system is backed by none other than the e-commerce giant, Stripe, which processed $817 billion in payments just last year.
Picture a future where you can make purchases, transfer funds and receive payments seamlessly through X using cryptocurrencies.
It’s a vision that aligns perfectly with Elon Musk’s goal of creating an ‘everything app.’
In April 2022, Stripe took a step further in this direction by allowing creators on X to test its new crypto payout option powered by the company’s payments processor, Stripe Connect.
This feature enabled them to receive USDC payments directly from the social media platform via the Polygon network.
Stripe also publicly shared its plans to add support for additional rails and payout currencies.
This is a clear indication that X is not just flirting with the idea of cryptocurrency integration  it’s actively making it happen.
An invaluable tool for Web 3.0 brands
More than any other major social media platform in existence, X boasts a vibrant community of crypto users and enthusiasts, making it the ideal space for Web 3.0 projects to thrive.
But it’s not just about the numbers – it’s about the influence.
Key opinion leaders in Web 3.0 have found a home on X. These influential figures actively engage with the crypto community, shaping trends and sharing valuable insights.
Their presence on the platform has elevated X to the status of a de-facto crypto hub.
Statistics also tell a compelling story. The growth of crypto-related topics and discussions on X in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable.
Since 2020, over one billion posts shared on the platform have directly mentioned or referred to cryptocurrencies.
These range from posts shared by regular users, to ads run by the Super Bowl and even multiple instances of posts shared by Elon Musk himself.
This speaks volumes about the cultural influence of X on the proliferation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
Conclusion – the future of crypto unfolds on X
The master plan for X as unveiled by its new spearhead is to create a hub where users can engage in financial transactions, explore commercial opportunities and connect with a global community.
With concerted steps toward cryptocurrency integration, backed by a license and the support of Stripe, X is positioned at the forefront of mainstream crypto adoption.
Moreover, X has become an indispensable tool for Web 3.0 brands, thanks to its concentration of crypto users and the influence of key opinion leaders in the crypto space.
The growth of crypto-related discussions and topics on the platform further underscore its central role in the blockchain ecosystem.
Evidently, the crypto world is evolving, and X is leading the way. The only question is – are you ready for the future?


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