WL Payments announces the addition of their Flex 3DS solution, which addresses new 3DS challenges

WL Payments is pleased to announce the addition of the new Flex 3DS solution to their payment orchestration platform. This solution is an acquirer-independent flexible 3DS innovation and is especially relevant in the post-PSD2 environment.

Flex 3DS reduces the merchants’ 3DS costs, increases their success rate, and simultaneously ensures PSD2 compliance. Moreover, this solution provides a frictionless checkout experience to the customers, illustrating that compliance does not have to come at the cost of seamless payments. In fact, some of WL payments’ clients have already reaped the benefits of integrating this solution. Within the first month of implementing flex 3DS, clients have witnessed an increase in conversions from 2% to 5%, alongside a significant reduction in cost. Hence it is safe to say that Flex 3DS is benefitting WL Payments’ clients and adding significant value to its payments platform.

WL Payments prides itself on being a partner-centric company, which provides numerous benefits to our clients, from lowering costs to increasing conversion rates. As our motto states “We grow when our Customers grow” and Flex 3DS is a testament to this.” explains Sunil Jhamb, CEO, WL Payments

We listened to our clients and their concerns, which led to the development of Flex 3DS. With this solution, we wanted to go beyond just compliance and additionally address all the challenges that PSD2 introduced. We are proud to announce that WL Payments offers Flex 3DS independent from acquirers and we look forward to bringing more innovations to the payments space.” says Lennard Sigling, CMO, WL Payments

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