World's first NFT museum opens in Seattle
The world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) museum has opened in Seattle with the aim of educating visitors on the importance of the asset class.
Since opening in January, the museum has been providing artists, creators and owners with the opportunity to introduce digital art to new audiences.
“We really realized the impact of being able to see this type of art in a way where you really slow down,” said museum co-founder Jennifer Wong. She said viewers would “see all the details” in person, rather than scrolling without thinking.
The NFT Museum provides a physical setting for NFT artists and collectors to display their creations and for art lovers to pique their curiosity.
In addition to an impressive lineup of events, the museum also educates visitors about blockchain technology and the importance of NFTs in an increasingly digital world.
“Unlike a gallery, we’re not selling this art, it is here for educational purposes and to inspire our community, we don’t take a percentage of ownership or our commission,” said Peter Hamilton, co-founder of the museum.
According to a March report from Ireland-based Research and Markets firm, the global NFT market is expected to grow to over $21 billion in 2022.

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