April 16, 2020 (TORONTO) –  Home buyers across Canada can now purchase new and pre-construction homes using OffPlan, eliminating the need to step into a sales centre. Avesdo Technologies, the proptech company behind OffPlan, recently launched their newest product to give real estate developers the ability to share inventory with Canadian realtors and buyers and take payments online.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has forced many presentation and sales centres to close their doors, making an online purchasing portal like OffPlan even more necessary to the real estate industry. Buyers and realtors can browse and reserve new construction homes, as well as make payments by credit card through OffPlan, allowing a purchase to take place without a face-to-face meeting in the presentation and sales centres.

“We’re thrilled to launch the evolution of new construction home buying,” says Tyler Proud, CEO of Avesdo Technologies. “OffPlan makes it as easy as possible for realtors and homebuyers to find and purchase homes from top real estate developers. All the information a purchaser needs, and would regularly receive from a visit to a sales centre, is available on OffPlan.”

OffPlan gives Canadian realtors exclusive access to all new and pre-construction homes made available by real estate developers. Once they have been invited to join OffPlan, realtors can select and share properties with their clients, along with the option to reserve immediately.  Top global developers including Belford Properties and Aoyuan International saw the potential benefit of OffPlan and have already begun launching projects, all of which are available to browse and purchase with ease.

“We are excited to be among the first in British Columbia and in Canada to offer buyers the opportunity to purchase a new home online. Buyers and realtors have told us they are ready for an easier and more convenient home buying and first deposit process, as they have already adopted e-commerce in virtually every other purchase they make,” says Ben Smith, VP Sales & Marketing (Western Canada) for Aoyuan Canada. “Our biggest worry as a developer is ensuring we strictly conform to local laws – most notable for us is BC’s Real Estate Development Marketing Act (REDMA). After much scrutiny from our legal teams, OffPlan checks all the boxes and in addition to making things easier, will now make for a more secure home buying experience for all.”

Avesdo plans to have 200 new and pre-construction projects on the platform this year.

Avesdo believes that homebuyers and developers should have the option to securely transact real estate online, both now and in the future. Moving to a purely digital model keeps the real estate market nimble in response to crises and flexible for future proptech.

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