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Start the year right by investing in the most promising cryptocurrencies for 2023: HedgeUp and Algorand. These two relatively new crypto companies have different concepts with similar goals: one of which is to make blockchain technology more relatable and push for mainstream use.

What Gives HedgeUp a Leg Up

Finance traditionalists find crypto too complicated to be entangled with. But HedgeUp grounds the concept so the everyday person can invest through the LaunchPad system.

What makes HedgeUp different is its use of alternative investments as its core concept. When you invest, you also become a fractional owner of various alternative assets, such as luxury watches, diamonds, gold, art, wine, and aviation. It’s the first crypto to take this approach.

HedgeUp aims to bridge the gap between traditional investors and crypto enthusiasts. Given the growth of alternative investments, combining these tangible assets with the blockchain will catalyze further expansion.

One of HedgeUp’s most exciting features is the LaunchPad, where crypto users can complete their alternative investments. Investors will have access to established institutions that need funding for various programs. The system is a great way to diversify one’s investment portfolio. HDUP, the native currency, provides liquidity for all investments.

Community members can also suggest other crowdfunding companies and industries that can benefit from LaunchPad.

Another fantastic HedgeUp feature is the online master class. Investors don’t just throw money around; they can access information to invest wisely. The speakers will discuss industry disruptors, mindset, exit strategies, and other crucial topics related to intelligent investing.

Algorand Makes Blockchain Understandable

One of the goals of Algorand is to eliminate the technical barriers of cryptocurrency that have intimidated many hesitant investors over the years. It aims to give people the confidence to invest in cryptocurrency. It is also a safe space for developers to build an ecosystem that is secure on a global scale.

Algorand prides itself on its rapidly growing ecosystem at sub four-second finality with low fees. Developers will have the advantage of immediate transaction finality with pure proof-of-stake and no forking.

One of the biggest drawbacks of blockchain is its massive carbon footprint. However, newer crypto companies like Algorand have made it a priority to minimize emissions and use a carbon offset approach.

Over 2,000 organizations currently use Algorand technology. Its recently launched projects include Algofi, Folks Finance, LimeWire, Pera Wallet, and Prismatic.

Cryptos That Make a Difference

HedgeUp and Algorand are cryptocurrencies that aim to make a difference. They want to make a unique impact on the industry—HedgeUp with alternative assets and Algorand for developers. They provide concepts that are easy to grasp so that more people can understand the benefits of blockchain technology.

HedgeUp and Algorand have tremendous bullish potential in 2023 and beyond.

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