There’s no denying of the fact that the number of road accidents has increased in the last 20 years. You will be shocked to know that more than 1.25 million people die from road accidents every year. In such an intense climate, it becomes imperative to buy a car insurance policy. In compliance with the motor vehicles act, it is important for every vehicle to be insured.

There are many benefits of car insurance that is why it is important to buy an auto insurance policy. However, there are many fake companies that con naïve and inexperienced people in the pursuit of taking money from them.

In this article, we will guide you through a few ways through which you can check if your car insurance policy is fake.

  1. Don’t buy an insurance policy from an agent

Never buy a policy from an agent unless you are not sure about the veracity of his services. Though, a lot of people buy insurance policies from agents; you never know when a fake person might manipulate you and run away with your money. Some professional criminals are so perfect in their work that they prepare fake insurance papers and sell them to customers. Don’t fall prey to such predators and beware of such documents.

  1. Do not make any cash payment

Digital payment is way better as compared to paying in cash. With technical advancements in today’s time, it is easy to track criminals and hound them. If you make a payment in cash to a fake agent, you might never be able to track him. However, if you make a digital payment, you won’t only be able to track him down but also will help many other people who might have been previous victims. In case you have any future problems, you will have concrete data to produce in front of legal authorities.

  1. Cross-check with insurance provider

Don’t make an immediate purchase decision with a car insurance provider. If you want cheap auto insurance, you can get it online from platforms such as to avoid scam. Take some time to go through the policy. In the meantime, make a phone call to the company that the agent claims he is a part of. Call on their toll-free number to confirm the veracity of the agent. You can also visit the nearest branch of the company to confirm.

  1. Check well before signing

Most people make a big mistake of signing a contract after knowing about a few details of the policy. Most insurance policies entail hidden terms and conditions that most people don’t agree with. Therefore, wear patience on your sleeves and take some time to go through the legal papers. Check all important information mentioned in the form. Fill the form on your own instead of asking somebody else to do it for you.

  1. Check the authenticity of the agent

In today’s time, most people consider buying an auto insurance policy from an agent for it sets them free from paperwork and a lot of stress. However, instead of taking stress after an agent running away with your money is more irritating than investing sometime in the beginning while signing the policy. Check the identity card of the agent and visit his office. There’s no harm in conducting a background check on the agent. If the person is confident about himself, he will never despise giving you his address, number and other details.

There are many other things you need to keep in mind when buying an auto insurance policy. Take a deep breath and don’t sign any document unless you haven’t gone through it completely.

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