Keeping safe online is the primary concern for everybody around the world that is logging on. This has proven harder than ever with advanced scams now targeting unsuspecting targets online without them even knowing. That means that even the most tech-savvy of internet users could find themselves being scammed without even realising it.

The influx of people that are being scammed rose to new heights in 2021, with the Federal Trade Commission revealing that an estimated $5.8 billion was lost to fraud in 2021. However, there is a growing number of tech solutions available online to assist consumers and ensure that you don’t fall victim to the latest scams.

Safer Payment Methods

One of the biggest developments that we have seen over recent years is the growing number of payment methods that are available. These methods have a wealth of benefits to the consumer, which in turn help to pick up fraudulent activity. One of the most popular used by millions worldwide and also accepted by a range of huge companies is Paysafe Card. Some of the major companies that accept the payment method include Microsoft, Deezer, and Steam.

This method of payment can be used on all major retail sites, as well as online blackjack brand Betway. The method is very straightforward to use for all customers, as they are able to top up a disposable card in store, which means that even if hackers do get hold of the details of the card, then there will be no money on the card anyway. The card is best for those that are looking to pay for one thing online, as it cuts out having to enter your personal card details or banking information.

Password Managers

We are all told that in order to stay safe online that we need to have a selection of different passwords to use on sites that we use regularly. However, that is easier said than done, as we are always prone to forget passwords if we need to remember that many different login credentials. However, password managers are an excellent tool to use in order to ensure that you don’t need to physically remember every single password that you’re using online.

Instead, this will keep hold of all your passwords, and then help you to remember the credentials when you’re signing into sites. Many use this function already on Apple devices, as it is a useful way to remember the details regardless of whether you’re on your phone, computer, or iPad. The updated password manager with Apple also alerts users when there has been a data breach on certain sites, and recommends consumers to change their password immediately.

Use Secure Wifi or VPN

One of the biggest areas of concern that many have is the usage of public wifi. This is often an easy way for hackers to get your personal details and immediately get into the information that you don’t want to be sharing. There have been numerous examples of people using public wifi areas to lure people into sharing personal information, which then allows them to steal the information using software.

Obviously, if you’re looking to watch videos or listen to music while waiting for a train then this is unlikely to be an issue. However, if you’re doing personal things on your phone, such as checking your bank details or sending money to friends, then you should never use public wifi. Instead, you should use data if you have it available, or connect to secure wifi once one becomes available. This is a common factor that many often avoid, but just a simple trip to a nearby café to have a coffee and conduct your business could save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Meanwhile, if you’re forced to work on public wifi, then you should look into purchasing secure VPNs, which go a long way to ensuring that your private information remains secure. Leading VPNs can be very affordable, with Nord VPN and ExpressVPN being among the most popular for consumers.

Secure Your Device

Nowadays, we spend more time than ever on our mobile devices. That means we store more details about our banking and other private information on our mobile devices. Therefore, ensuring that your phones are secure is more important than ever. One of the easiest ways to ensure that you can securely save the details saved on your phone, which includes the password manager, is to have a face and fingerprint recognition system in place.

Many of the top-of-the-range phones now already have this in place and is a part of the set-up procedure when it comes to setting up your phone. However, making sure that your phone is secure, and that only you can access it is essential when it comes to keeping your details safe from hackers and pick-pockets.

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