Hysab Kytab’s white-labelled PFM is now available on Temenos Exchange


Hysab Kytab, a leading provider of financial management solutions today announced that Hysab Kytab’s White Labelled PFM solution is now available on Temenos Exchange, the open marketplace for fintech solutions.

The Hysab Kytab PFM’s out of the box integration with Temenos Infinity is aimed at offering banks the ablity to understand their customers financial dreams and identify non-intrusive cross-selling/up-selling opportunities for new revenue streams through hyper-personalization. With Hysab Kytab as an integral part of Temenos Infinity solution, banks’ customers will be able to  gain 360-degree view of their finances putting them in the driving seats of their financial wellbeing by helping them make informed financial decisions. 

Temenos Exchange acts as an accelerator for fintechs and software developers, helping them develop, validate and monetize new banking solutions. Joining Temenos Exchange means Hysab Kytab can write once and sell its solution across a vast banking audience of more than 3,000 clients in 150 countries. Collectively, this community serves the banking needs of 1.2 billion people worldwide.

‘’It is increasingly becoming important for Fintechs to collaborate with organizations that can extend their reach and improve their technical expertise. I believe this integration with Temenos will enable Hysab Kytab to scale by boosting its current reach in previously untapped markets, including millennials and tech savvy customers. This kind of collaboration will also help fintech industry as a whole to work collectively for the common goal of boosting digital financial inclusion of customers.” said Mohammad Yasir Ilyas, Head of Hysab Kytab.

“This collaboration is aimed at providing the best value for money and helping  banks build a deeper relationship with their customers by understanding and meeting their evolving financial needs,” added Mohammad Yasir Ilyas.

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